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There are six interactive e-learning modules for you to work through which cover the Research Data Lifecycle. They are free to access, are without assessment, and will help you learn about terminology, key concepts and best practice in research data management.

As you work through each module consider the research data generated or collected in your own research. You can complete the modules in sequence, or dip in and out - we recommend you start with the ‘Data management plans’ module.

The modules are designed for Postgraduate Research students and early career researchers, but may be of interest to academics and research support staff. Undergraduate students who have an interest in research may also wish to complete them.

Research Data Explained
Data Management Plans
Organising data


File formats and transformation
Documentation, metadata and citation
Sharing, preservation and licensing

Licence Information

This work, "Research Data eLearning", is a derivative of "Research Data MANTRA" by Data Library, Information Services, University of Edinburgh, used under CC BY. "Research Data eLearning" is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License by The Library, University of Salford.

For more details see: Adding a CC license to your derivative work.