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Research impact

Our approach to impact

The University of Salford has a long history of creative entrepreneurship and collaborative research, within both the North West region and beyond. Many of our colleagues have backgrounds in industry and public service, granting us a significant understanding of the needs of partners and communities.

As both funding bodies and the Government – via the Research Excellence Framework – place a renewed emphasis on research impact, we now find ourselves increasingly well placed to demonstrate the contribution our research makes beyond the walls of academia.

Industry collaboration

We view research impact not as a means to an end, but as a public good in itself. Impact is central to our Industry Collaboration Zone strategy, and inherent in our focus on the connected, co-created, and transformational research, emerging from our Research Centres. More specifically, our approach celebrates the crucial role of partners, communities and citizens in the development of new projects. We always welcome discussions with our collaborators around how research might be of wider social and economic benefit.

To find out more about the Industry Collaboration Zones, please see the ICZ website or follow ICZUoS on Twitter

Our Platform

It is imperative for us to evaluate and reflect upon the difference our research makes, so we might best contribute to conversations that extend beyond the confines of academia.

We have developed ‘Salford Impact’ to advance, showcase and celebrate impact. Through the production of high quality case study material, we will continue to demonstrate our track record of engaged research that addresses issues and challenges of local, national and global importance.  

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