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Research Bidding Process

Prior to their submission, the University bid development process requires all research bids to be approved by the Head of School, and all project budgets to be signed off by the Head of Commercial Finance.

The following 8 step process explains the various stages of submitting a research proposal at University of Salford and details the support available to academic staff for completing each stage.

While the following process must be followed in all cases, it is recognised that there could be exceptional situations, like short notice calls for the second stage of a Research Council bid or late invitation to partner in an external bid, where there need to be some flexibility and a speedy approval  is  required. In such situations please contact the Research and Enterprise Development Manager (Adrian Duckworth – tel: 53538) as soon as possible. 

Steps to Bidding

  • Discuss your research idea and proposal with your Line Manager and your Research Programme Lead.
  • Search the funding opportunities bulletin or Research Professional to identify suitable sources of funding.
  • Discuss your idea with your University Research Development Contact (NMSWSS: Dr Chris Coey, tel: 55385 and HS: Dr Deborah Woodman, tel: 55876).
  • Email your Research Programme Lead and Research Development contact with specific details of the proposed research bid. The email must contain a short summary (100-200 words) of the bid, the approximate costing and details of the specific funding call.
  • Develop the project budget.  Your Research Development contact will assist with completing the FEC. The FEC also forms institutional approval so it needs to be submitted a week before final submission of your research proposal.
  • Your bid will need to undergo a peer review before submission.  Nominate a reviewer and send your latest draft bid to them at least 3 weeks before submission.  Here is the form the reviewer needs to complete.  The reviewer needs to send the completed form to yourself and your Research Development Contact.  It needs to score 5 or 6 to be submitted.
  • Your Research Development Contact will help you to complete the application form.
  • Submit the bid

Remember – For many major funders pressing the submit button does not mean it goes straight to the funder.  Rather it goes to the University’s Contracts Team for final checking before they send it to the funder.  Do check whether the funder you applying to requires this additional institutional approval and allow extra time for this to take place.