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Sports integrity

Sports integrity

Professor David Forrest and Dr Ian McHale have developed a range of research projects focused on supporting the development of infrastructure by governments, sports bodies, betting operators and law enforcers, for identifying and addressing vulnerability to corruption in professional sport. Their research:

• Informs the development of nationally consistent approaches to and codes of conduct for deterring and dealing with match fixing;
• Facilitates networks for information sharing between governments, sports bodies, betting operators and law enforcers to improve integrity in sport; and
• Supports international policy development to combat corruption in sport.

Infrastructure to promote sports integrity

The Centre for Sports Business at the University of Salford promotes research and consultancy in sports analytics, sport finance, sport law and the economics of sport. Globally there are few academics specialising in research in both Sports Economics and Economics of Gambling. David and Ian investigate corruption in sport, making recommendations for a range of policy makers:

They were commissioned to write a report for the Central Council for Physical Recreation (CCPR, now the Sport and Recreation Alliance): “Threats to Sports Integrity from Developments in the Betting Market”. The CCPR is the UK umbrella body for sports governing bodies and advises UK Government on all matters relating to sport. Key members of CCPR include the FA (football), ECB (cricket), LTA (tennis), RFU (rugby union), BHA (horse racing). The report identified risk factors threatening sports integrity including the types of sporting contest and bet that were most dangerous for integrity.

David was commissioned as co-author and principal researcher of a 2012 report on match fixing by IRIS (Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques), a Paris based think-tank. There followed a partnership between the University of Salford, IRIS, European Lotteries, and SportAccord to deliver a series of seminars on Sports Integrity (EAC/S06/2012/036, funded by the EU under “Partenariato Europeens dans le Domaine du Sport”) one in each of 21 EU member states, where leaders of national sports federations would receive training in the nature of match fixing threats and how they should respond.

Key reports

a) Report to IRIS
b) EU funded project report between the University of Salford, IRIS, European Lotteries, and SportAccord