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Recruitment and Admissions Fee Status Assessment Form

You have been asked to complete this form to help the University of Salford to assign the correct tuition fee for your course of study. It is important that you complete and submit this information as soon as possible and provide all of the requested documents as you flow through the form.

In assessing your tuition fee we adhere to the guidance of UKCISA.

IMPORTANT: Please note that incomplete form submissions or submissions without supporting documents cannot be processed and may cause your application to be delayed or withdrawn.

General Information
Where have you lived?

Please provide information to show where you have lived throughout your whole life: for each period of residence, we need to know the country (you do not need to provide the address) and start/end dates.

You must provide a full dd//mm/yyyy date for the start and end of each different period.

Your Status

In this section you will be required to upload documents to show your residency. Most forms of correspondence, which show your name and address will be accepted. Please note we will not accept certificates as proof of residency. If we need any further information to complete this assessment we will contact you by email.

Temporary Absence