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Our online training courses are designed to provide the most practical and informative information to become a great manager and confident leader. We pride ourselves on combining real world practical management with business management theory. Put the two together and you have the optimal management training program.    

The courses have been developed with expert tutors who have designed online training content that can be absorbed easily and will enable the individual to see immediate positive learning outcomes. Why spend time learning from free courses which only offer part of your learning needs when for a small fee you can have classroom quality learning at the fraction of the price, from your own home, office or on the go with our mobile friendly platform.    

Not earning enough? Want to be your own boss? Step up your knowledge and skills by enrolling on any of our online courses. All of the courses are studied using an e-learning platform, so you can study flexibly in your own time, without taking time out of the office for training.    

  • High Performance Leadership Masterclass

    £199 +VAT                

    This High Performance Leadership Online Masterclass will turn you into a leader who can assure organisational agility, create a culture of execution, innovation and develop a team of high performance employees who are engaged and share your organisational vision.                

    This unique online training will prepare you to inspire those you lead, as you navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain business environment. The insights you gain will stay with you throughout your career.                

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  • Advanced Strategic Management Masterclass

    £99 +VAT *Special Offer*                

    Become a better leader with this essential online management course. This course will work with you to address your organisation needs, able to define its vision, and develop a roadmap to deliver success.              

    Once you’ve completed the course you'll be able to shape key strategies, optimise the company structure, make sure the right people occupy the right roles and recognise the most effective processes to guarantee your organisations success.                

    This online course not only helps develop strategic skills, but shows you how to manage and lead people to achieve strategic opportunities and objectives in your organisation.                

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  • Introduction to Coaching Masterclass

    £99 +VAT  *Special Offer* (Not accessible with our membership)

    Get best out of your team with this online coaching masterclass. Regardless of your sector or industry, leadership starts with you. This online course gives you the foundation skills to develop individuals on your team, coach success and harness a culture that matches your strategic objectives. Learn how to support your team through effective coaching, instil confidence in them and create positive working environment that will lead to even greater success.                

    This course combines a live mix of learning methods to ensure you become a coach who’s able to work confidently with a diverse range of people, issues and coaching styles to create profound and lasting change in people’s lives or workplaces.                

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  • Introduction to Accounting and Finance Masterclass

    £99 +VAT  *Special Offer*                

    Discover a foundation level of business finance so you can understand the core financial aspects of your business. Learn how to interface with accountants and banks using the language used by them to understand how financial statements fit together. Explained in a practical way, this course delves into the financial statements of an organisation - how to read and understand them plus basic accounting concepts such as depreciation, cost behaviour, cash flow, working capital and budgeting.                

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  • Essential Negotiation Skills

    £99 +VAT  *Special Offer*                

    Negotiating skills are a vital requirement for success. Few people understand the structures, techniques and approaches available to them in an attempt to gain successful results. Effective negotiation means more than just getting what you want. It means arriving at a solution that satisfies all parties and creates future opportunities.                

    This course will help you gain crucial negotiation skills, strategies, tools and techniques you need to effectively handle all negotiation scenarios. Designed for professionals who need to negotiate a win-win outcomes with colleagues, suppliers, clients and sub-contractors.                

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