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Our online training courses are designed to provide the most practical and informative information to become a great manager and confident leader. We pride ourselves on combining real world practical management with business management theory. Put the two together and you have the optimal managementtrainingprogram.

The courses have been developed with expert tutors who have designed online training content that can be absorbed easily and will enable the individual to see immediate positive learning outcomes. Why spend time learning from free courses which only offer part of your learning needs when for a smallfee you can hav classroom quality learning at the fraction of the price, from your own home, office or on the go with our mobile friendly platform.

Not earning enough? Want to be your own boss? Step up your knowledge and skills by enrolling on any of our online courses. All of the courses are studied using an e-learning platform, so you can study flexibly in your own time, without taking time out of the office for training.

  • Advanced Strategic Thinking Masterclass


    In an increasingly uncertain and complex business world, why do some organisations fail while others succeed? How do you create a strategy that aligns with your competencies and culture? How do you sustain a competitive advantage?

    The Online Advanced Strategic Thinking course aims to help you answer the above questions by boosting your strategic thinking skills. The training programme provides a strategic framework through which your organisational strategy can be integrated and implemented for sustainable strategic success.

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  • Introduction to Coaching Masterclass


    As leaders and managers working in fast-paced organisations, you’ll find yourself with little time to think about your team, let alone time to focus on yourself and your leadership practice. This can result in a busy approach of doing what comes next, rather than what needs to be done.

    This course will give you an opportunity to focus on you and your style at work by helping you hold coaching conversations with your team. This will enable you to support your team to take ownership and responsibility for their behaviour and actions, and to encourage them to reach their potential.

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  • Accounting and Finance Masterclass


    This practical online course is designed to give you a basic introduction to business finance and accountancy so you can contribute to your organisation’s success.

    We’ll explain, in a practical way, the financial statements of an organisation and how you can read, understand and question them plus basic accounting concepts such as depreciation, cost behaviour, cash flow, working capital and budgeting.

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  • Essential Negotiation Skills


    Negotiation skills are as essential to navigating every day life as to executing high powered corporate deals. There are very few natural negotiators, but it is a skill which can be taught.

    This online course will teach you the key fundamentals of being a good negotiator and securing the best deals; whether you are buying a car or a house, or securing complicated Formula 1 television deal.

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