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The Southway Housing Trust

In partnership with The Pacific Institute, we tailored our existing suite of leadership development courses to accommodate the specific needs of Southway Housing Trust. 

Southways Housing Trust was looking for inspirational and challenging trainers who could support their Senior Management Team through an action based learning skills development process. Tailoring the course allowed the maximum personal and business benefit for employees from a minimum and realistic time investment.  

The Trust specifically required training focused on formal training around senior management skills (e.g. strategic thinking, developing a business case, managing change, etc.) and supporting the team in applying the skills, whilst learning. This was delivered through a series of workshops centred on planning and delivering a major organisational change project. 

Salford Professional Development and The Pacific Institute worked closely with Southway Housing Trust to tailor the Senior Leadership Development Programme so that it achieved the required training and development needs and was aligned to the Trust’s corporate visions and objectives.

Working with our world-class facilitators, the programme enabled Southway Housing Trust Senior Management Team to reflect upon their contributions as leaders, and to develop a fresh perspective on their organisation.

Learning Outcomes

This course was delivered to senior leaders of the Southway Housing Trust who wanted to develop knowledge, skills and qualities to be an effective leader, and to be empowered to:

  • Understand the importance of culture and its effect on organisational performance
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities to influence behaviour which impacts on key outcomes
  • Provided an opportunity for participants to look at the way they can manage projects to deliver successful change

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