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Cumbria & Lancashire Community Rehabilitation Company

We delivered our Crisis PR and Media Training Course In-House to the Communications Department of Cumbria & Lancashire Community Rehabilitation Company.  

Cumbria & Lancashire Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) came to us as they wanted to be ready for all eventualities if ever found in the middle of a media scrum. 

By choosing the In-House option, CRC were able to have the course that they required delivered to them shortly after enquiring about the course, while CRC’s employees weren’t inconvenienced by having long travel times to arrive at unfamiliar locations. 

This one day course not only provided the necessary skills for Cumbria & Lancashire Community Rehabilitation Company to deal with potentially negative coverage, but hit the headlines for all the right reasons.

We trained their senior spokespeople how to professionally handle press interviews and equipped them with the skills necessary to limit the damage of any negative story and always maintain ‘the message.’ 

The course was delivered by an award winning journalist, Paul Lockitt, who is a trained professional in reputation management, crisis PR and presentation skills.  Paul Lockitt is Key103’s Chief Training Consultant and Breakfast News Editor with twenty years’ experience in broadcast journalism at Bauer Media, Sky Sports and Granada TV.  

Learning Outcomes

This course provided CRC employees with the knowledge and skills to protect their business, reputation and stakeholders, including:

  • A unique insight into tough questioning techniques and how to deflect and protect their company
  • The importance of developing a powerful communications management strategy
  • How to help shield their organisation from a four-pronged attack by TV, radio, print and social media

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