Health Technologies and Evidence

Change is an ongoing feature within the health and social care sectors - new services are introduced, existing services are modified. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that services continue to be developed and delivered appropriately, based on the best available evidence and making use of the wide range of technologies available.

Members of the Health Technologies and Evidence research programme are recognised experts in informatics, information retrieval and evidence based practice. Work within the programme supports the eHealth agenda and seeks to generate creative processes for identifying, representing, indexing and accessing evidence to ensure that evidence and evidence-based practice remains responsive to the dynamic nature of modern health and social care and the needs of users.

Health Technologies and Evidence supports the need for evidence to inform health and social care policy and practice for example by:

  • Conducting systematic reviews and supporting others in finding evidence
  • Exploring terminology and its role in representing and indexing evidence
  • Identifying new evidence and information upon which to base health and social care practice and education

Our People

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Identifying and generating appropriate evidence and the use of appropriate technology is embedded within all activity across the Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Research. This has resulted in a broad range of collaborative projects:

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Postgraduate research

A number of PhD and Professional Doctorate students are undertaking research within this programme. Examples of topic areas include:

  • The impact of nurse education on medication errors
  • Staff knowledge and beliefs regarding rehabilitation in care homes
  • The impact of electronic triage on quality and the management of clinical risk
  • An analysis of evidence around power relationships in healthcare

For further information on our Doctoral programmes, please visit the postgraduate research pages.

Key publications

The following is a small selection of the publications by members of the Health Technologies and Evidence research programme. More publications are available via the University of Salford Institutional Repository (USIR)

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