Prof Tim Hope

Professor Tim Hope

Chair in Criminology

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Tuesdays, 2pm - 4pm (2013-14, Semester 1)


Tim Hope was appointed to the newly created Chair in Criminology in September 2010. Previously, he worked at the Home Office Research and Planning Unit (latterly as Principal Research Officer), where he also earned a Ph.D. in Sociology through part-time study; and as Senior Consultant, CACI Ltd; Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA; Senior Research Fellow, University of Manchester; and Reader (1994) and Professor of Criminology (1997), Keele University, serving as Head of the Department of Criminology and director of the Keele Community Safety Group.  

He has been Director of the ESRC Crime and Social Order Research Programme (1993-1998); honorary research fellow of the Quantitative Criminology Group, Centre for Census and Survey Research, University of Manchester; Visiting Professor, Vauxhall Centre for Criminology, University of Bedfordshire; and Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, University of Edinburgh (2007-2009).  

He is Scientific Advisor to the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime, and Editorial Advisor for Safer CommunitiesCriminal Justice Matters and the European Journal of Policing Studies. He has also been an expert consultant to the UK Statistics Commission, the Audit Commission, the National Reassurance and the Neighbourhood Policing programmes, the European Forum for Urban Safety, the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna (Italy), the Czech Republic, the European Commission evaluation of the European Crime Prevention Network, and given evidence to the parliamentary Science and Technology Committee. He coordinated the Work-package 'Local public policies of crime prevention' of the CRIMPREV Co-ordination Action of the European Union Sixth Framework Programme.

He has authored over 100 research publications, (some works appearing in translation) both in the UK and also in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, and Portugal.


Theoretical Criminology (L5), Module Leader

Crime Prevention (L6), Module Leader

Police and Policing (L6), Module Leader

Riots, Resistance and Revolutions (L4)

Readings in the Sociology of Deviance (L5)

Contemporary Research in Crime and Deviance (L5)

Research Interests

Crime victimization and safety

Urban criminology, policing and crime prevention

Evidence, method and evaluation in criminology

Quantitative criminology

Qualifications and Memberships

PhD Sociology (London: External), 1989

M.Sc. Sociology (London: LSE), 1974

BA (Hons.) Sociology (Leeds), 1972

Fellow, RSA

British Society of Criminology

European Society of Criminology


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