Dr Sandra Shaw

Lecturer in Social Policy

  • Allerton C512
  • T: 0161 295 2055
  • E: S.M.I.Shaw@salford.ac.uk
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I have an undergraduate degree in Sociology and History, and attained a PhD in the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield.  My PhD research was on lone parent families.  My teaching career began as a Phd Student and I have taught Sociology and Social Policy at undergraduate and postgraduate level to a range of students.  This has included teaching health and social welfare professionals as well as Social Policy undergraduates.  I joined the University of Salford in 2000, and am a member of an enthusiastic teaching team, which places a high value on providing support to students.  Since completing my PhD I have also worked as a researcher. Research projects include those on: older people; family caring; palliative care; mental health; looked- after-children;  and  youth homelessness.   My particular strength lies in carrying out qualitative research.  Current interests in teaching and research are listed below.  Social Policy is a dynamic and changing subject, meaning that team members have to constantly up-date their knowledge,  and I continue to develop my interests.  Over recent years, I have become increasingly interested in comparative and global welfare.  I have recently published two books, and details of these are given below.


Comparative and Global Welfare.

Families and Children and social policies.

Young People and social policies.

Gender Issues and Gender and Social Welfare.

Introductory Social Policy.

Research Interests

Young People.  In particular: citizenship; NEETs; health and well-being; poverty; Anti-Social Behaviour; Youth Justice.

Families and Children.  In particular:  health and well-being; poverty; lone parent families; looked-after children; foster care; gender roles and work-life balance.

Comparative Welfare: comparing different models of delivering social welfare; families and children; gender; young people; health policy; caring for disabled and older people; poverty and inequality.

Globalization and Global Social Policy: globalization; global governance; health policy; poverty and inequality; gender; families, children and young people; care of disabled and older people.

Gender and Welfare.  This is reflected in the areas noted above.

Older People: active ageing; care of older people.

Qualifications and Memberships

1987   B. A. Joint Hons. Sociology and History.

1994  PhD. Department of Sociology, University of Sheffield.

UK Social Policy Association


Recent Publications are listed below.

Dwyer, P. and Shaw, S. (editors) (2013) Introduction to Social Policy.  London: Sage.

Shaw, S. (2013) ‘Young People and Social Policies’ in Dwyer, P. and Shaw, S. (editors) (2013) Introduction to Social Policy.  London: Sage.

Shaw, S. (2013) ‘Families and children’ in P. Dwyer and S. Shaw. (editors) (2013) Introduction to Social Policy.  London: Sage.

Shaw S. (2013)’Comparative Social Policy’ in P.Dwyer and S. Shaw (editors) (2013) Introduction to Social Policy.  London: Sage.

Shaw, S. (2013) ‘Global Social Policy: Globalized Health Policy’ in P. Dwyer and S. Shaw (editors) (2013) Introduction to Social Policy.  London: Sage.

Shaw, S. (2012) ‘Continuity and Change: Gender and Welfare’ in G.  Calder et al Changing Directions of the British Welfare State.  Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

Shaw, S. (2010) Parents, Children and the State.  Maidenhead: Open University Press McGraw-Hill Education.