Neil Murphy

Neil Murphy



Neil Murphy is a Senior Lecturer in the Postgraduate and and Post-Qualifying Nursing Team. He lectures counsellling, health and social care and is a field-worker for Advanced Practitioner Course. Neils academic interest and research projects explore the influence of media representations on the mentally ill and looking at the impact the same media has on staff. A current piece of research is critically evaluating the way mental health staff utilize supervision and reflection.

He is chair to the editoral board for the Mental Health Nursing Journal which as many of you know is linked with practice, politics, and practitioner opinion. Such a journal presents pracititioners with an often alternate view to the way Government and National Bodies present mental health care to the general public. Much of the content is provided by mental health practitioners (including students) and offers them the opportunity to present grounded opinions related to mental health care and policies.

Prior to becoming a Lecturer Neil was a Mental Health Nurse, with expertise practice in psychologal interventions and community mental health care. There he developed an interest in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Family Intervention. Neil became involved in training staff in risk assessment and management.



Programme Leader- MSc CBP

Module Leader- CBT Complex Cases, Introduction to CBT (both in the MSc CBP programme).

  • Research Methods in Counselling and Psychotherapy (MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Involved in teaching- MSc Advanced Practice modules, research modules in undergraduate Counselling programme.

Supervision- MSc CBP dissertations and MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy dissertations.

  • Co-supervise one PhD student

Research Interests

Interested in media and mental health, risk and use of reflection in relation to practice.

Qualifications and Memberships

1984: Nurse Registration Registered Mental Health Nurse (School of Nursing)

2005: MSc Practice Development (Research) (University of Manchester)

2015: PhD The Influence of Media representations on Mental Health Practitioners (Manchester Metropolitan University




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Complete list

Postgraduate research

  • Media and Mental Health, Family Interventions, CBT, Risk.
  • Interest in Methodological applications to research