Dr Lisa Scullion

Reader in Social Policy


Lisa is Associate Director of the Sustainable Housing & Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU). Over the last 10 years at the University of Salford, Lisa has led and delivered research assessing the needs and experiences of a range of socially excluded/vulnerable communities. This includes a portfolio of projects focusing on the needs of Black and Minority Ethnic communities (e.g. Gypsies, Roma and Travellers, Central and Eastern European migrants, asylum seekers and refugees), homeless people and those experiencing welfare interventions.

Research Interests

Lisa’s current research focuses on the welfare needs and experiences of socially excluded communities, including migrant and Gypsy, Roma Traveller populations. She currently leads the University of Salford’s involvement in the five year ESRC funded Welfare Conditionality project and is also leading an evaluation of the Livelihoods Training Programme for Oxfam and the DWP.

  • Welfare conditionality
  • Welfare reform
  • Social exclusion
  • Poverty
  • Migration
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller populations

Qualifications and Memberships

Lisa sits on the Editorial Board for the journal Social Policy & Society. She is a member of the Greater Manchester Poverty Action Group and the Salford Sanctions and Conditionality Task Force. She is currently leading the University’s involvement in the Salford City Council Anti-Poverty Taskforce


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Complete list of publications


Postgraduate research

  • Welfare conditionality
  • Welfare reform
  • Poverty and social exclusion
  • Migration
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller populations