Karen Barker

Office Times

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I have had a long career as a nurse and midwife working in various clinical environments ultimately practicing as a senior midwife on the labour suite of a busy inner city hospital.

In 1999 I became a midwifery lecturer focusing on legal and professional issues, programme leadership for pre- registration and teaching on Masters level midwifery courses. I continue to be a supervisor of midwives undertaking audits and investigation appeals as part of the Local Supervising Authority team.

My research has taken me to Africa to work with the World Health Organisation to explore the use of technology to train students and I have a passion for working with health care workers in low resource settings. I have also undertaken a number of educational studies in the United Kingdom exploring the views of students, service users and healthcare professionals in relation to aspects of formal training, volunteering and inter-professional learning.

My role on the editorial board of the British Journal of Midwifery, where I have a regular column, has enabled me to support colleagues and students in writing for publication and conference presentation.

I have recently completed the maximum tenure of eight years as a Nursing and Midwifery Council Fitness to Practise panellist and continue to sit on Registration Appeals Committees.


My areas of expertise are legal, ethical and professional issues along with clinical skills. I teach across all levels both pre and post registration midwifery programmes.

Research Interests

Educational research is my main area of interest seeking to improve the student experience both in the United Kingdom and overseas. 

I have undertaken research in Kenya in association with the World Health Organisation focusing on care in labour and the use of technologies. 

More locally I have explored students, service users and midwives views of clinical practice and supervision for experienced students. 

My Master’s thesis was based on the legal and ethical issues related to the advertising of formula milk to the public and health care professionals

Qualifications and Memberships

1999- Education PGCE(A) (from University of Bolton).

1998-Master Arts Medical Ethics (from Keele University ) . 1988-Advanced Diploma Midwifery ADM (from St Mary's Manchester).

1986-Midwifery RM (from Salford School of Midwifery ).

1983-Nursing RGN (from Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley School of Nursing ).

1981-Nursing RMN (from Salford Prestwich Hospital School of Nursing ).


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