Professional Doctorate

Why study for a Professional Doctorate?

The Programme will enable you to:

  • Provide a specialism in your field
  • Develop leadership capability, management skills and self-awareness
  • Promote an evaluative culture in the work place enabling you to build evidence-based changes and complement professional and organisational goals
  • Work with other students in a learning environment supported by significant elements of directed study
  • Enable you to influence policy and practice agendas relevant to your own discipline and wider inter-professional initiatives
  • Strengthen and enhance the research capacity of health and social care professionals
  • Be taught by experts in research and methodology; receive knowledgeable support from supervisors relevant to your own research

See Professional Doctorate (Health & Social Care) programme details.

Real-world Learning

The Programme will enable you to:

  • Make a significant contribution to professional practice
  • Broaden and deepen understanding of your research topic to provide you with appropriate transferable skills in the real world
  • Develop research, including alternative epistemological positions to provide a context for theory construction in a real-world context
  • Study inter-professionally with peers in a collaborative environment, strengthening networking opportunities across health and social care disciplines
  • Benefit from an interaction with peers through such activities as seminars, virtual learning and the sharing of common facilities
  • The programme is real-world oriented and provides a structure in accord with full-time working during both the teaching and research phase
  • Study at a distance; the course is run on a part-time basis and arrangements for supervisory meetings are negotiable
  • Stimulate the development of professionally oriented research, policy changes and evidence-based practice