Working the Interactionist Tradition: Contributions, Legacies and Prospects

Thursday 1 January 1970 1.00am - Thursday 1 January 1970 1.00am
The event will be held at MediaCityUK
The event will be held at MediaCityUK

Building on  previous successful EU-SSSI conferences, most recently at Aalborg (2014) and  Uppsala (2013), the meeting will provide a truly interdisciplinary forum for  those using ethnographic and qualitative approaches to understand the social  and cultural realities of contemporary societies.

Our conference theme draws upon interactionism’s distinguished record and continuing vigour as a way of investigating the  diversity, richness and complexity of contemporary social life.

Who should attend?

  • Academics looking to engage in a lively, stimulating debate with peers and students.
  • Researchers looking to connect with like-minded colleagues.
  • Teachers looking for new ideas and inspiration.
  • Students looking and learn from experts and Postgraduates looking to present and get ideas on their research.
  • Anyone looking to engage with the wider sociological community.

Times are subject to change.