Salford journalist lands dream TV job - 7000 miles away

Thursday 28 August 2014

Salford graduate, Sophie Dulson, has started her dream job in the media - on the other side of the world.

Budding TV journalism star Sophie Dulson accepted the unique job offer in the Falkland Islands after attaining a first class degree at the university’s MediaCityUK campus in May. 

She'll begin her new job some 6886 miles from where she studied in Salford. Sophie embarked on her dream career of TV reporting after revealing she was always curious about the world. 

One outstanding achievement in her studies involved her creating an emotional real-life documentary in South Africa, as part of One World Media’s “Beyond Your World.” 

During her visit she focused on families’ struggles and investigated the country’s democratic history, which landed an award at the university. 

Sophie said her passion for working abroad increased after her stint in South Africa, although it had its ups and down. 

“The highs were meeting the most remarkable people I ever been introduced to, who had the most remarkable stories to tell. 

“The low points were tough – hearing a child has died in her sleep overnight was hard to get to grips with,” said Sophie. 

After starting her job this summer with Falkland Islands Television (FITV), which covers all aspects of news and sports, she said: “I absolutely love it here. 

“My job as reporter is both challenging and exciting. I’m doing things I would never have dreamed of doing back in the UK." 

“For instance in my first week I found myself on board a huge fishing vessel covering a story.” 

Originally from the North East, Sophie, 21, told how she flew to Ascension Island before hopping over to Mount Pleasant Island where she began her work. 

The decision to uproot wasn’t taken lightly, as she had to ponder life away from the UK and her family and friends. She mulled it over with her parents, pals and lecturers who told her to go for it. 

She even left her current boyfriend behind, adding: “One of the difficult natures of the industry is that you have to go where the job takes you, and often this means having to live away from your loved ones. 

“It’s not particularly easy but it’s just part and parcel of the job.” 

Programme Leader in MA & BA Journalism & Broadcast, Sarah Jones, heaped praise on her student and wished her well in her career. Sarah said: 

“We have had great results this year with our students graduating from journalism with many of them landing exciting work opportunities. It is brilliant to see some of them working internationally and this is the case with Sophie reporting for Falklands Islands TV." 

“This is a great opportunity to make her mark and I'm sure we'll see some great results." 

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This story first appeared on Salford Online and has been kindly reproduced with their permission. See the story on the Salford Online website here.