Salford Business School Guest Lecture: Judge Brian Doyle

Thursday 1 January 1970 1.00am - Thursday 1 January 1970 1.00am

You are invited to join us for a special guest lecture delivered by the President of the Employment Tribunals in England and Wales, Judge Brian Doyle.

Judge Doyle will examine the pressures upon access to justice in one part of the civil justice system – the employment tribunals. All courts and tribunals are experiencing some degree of pressure upon accessible justice as a result of changes to legal aid, reduced opportunities for legal advice and assistance, increased numbers of litigants in person, new or increased court and tribunal fees, and changes to substantive and procedural law designed to control or limit litigation. The employment tribunals are no exception.

Judge Brian Doyle has held the position as the President of the Employment Tribunals in England and Wales since 2014. Before becoming a full-time judge in 2000, he has been a member of academic staff in the University of Salford Business School (1980-1995) and prior to this a Professor of Law and Dean of the Law School at the University of Liverpool. Judge Doyle is the author of a number of academic and practitioner books and articles, including for many years the leading textbook on disability discrimination law.

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