NHS leader appointed as honorary professor

Wednesday 7 May 2014

The University of Salford has appointed Salford Royal’s Director of Innovation and Improvement Science, Maxine Power, as an honorary professor in the College of Health and Social Care.

The appointment appointment strengthens the collaboration between the University and the NHS in Salford. Professor Power is also the managing director at innovation and improvement centre Haelo.

She said: “It’s a great honour to be part of the University of Salford. I’m delighted to accept this award. Through my work with Salford Royal and Haelo I’ve been working closely with the University for some time now, collaborating with academics in a number of colleges and this award means we can build even closer links.”

Professor Maggie Pearson, Pro Vice Chancellor Public Benefit and Dean of the College of Health and Social Care, said: “It’s a privilege to be able to award an honorary chair from the University of Salford to Maxine Power.

"Professor Power has made a significant contribution to the improvement science field through leading improvement programmes and publishing the results to help further the body of knowledge on improvement. We are looking forward very much to her involvement with the University, our teaching and research.”

Sir David Dalton, Chief Executive at Salford Royal, said: “This award reflects the dedication and hard work Professor Power has put in to improving health services, not just in Salford but across the region in Greater Manchester and in England.”

Professor Power works across the region and nationally and internationally on quality improvement programmes, with particular emphasis on quality and safety. She has been published widely in medical and improvement journals.

She added: “My career in improvement has always been about making a bigger difference. In the NHS we are trusted with public money so we need to make sure our work has real impact. This honour can only add to that.”