EVENT - Visualising Embodiment: The Art of Birthing

Thursday 1 January 1970 1.00am - Thursday 1 January 1970 1.00am

The event called Visualising Embodiment: The Art of Birthing is being put on in collaboration with Birth Rites and the Manchester Feminist Theory Network and will be led renowned academic and writer Professor Griselda Pollock, of the University of Leeds.

Professor Pollock is an art historian and cultural analyst, and scholar of international, postcolonial feminist studies in the visual arts. She is best known for her theoretical and methodological innovation, combined with readings of historical and contemporary art, film and cultural theory. Since 1977, Pollock has been one of the most influential scholars of modern, avant-garde art, postmodern art, and contemporary art. She is also a major influence in feminist theory, feminist art history and gender studies.

Also speaking are Helen Knowles, artist and curator of the Birth Rites Collection at Salford’s Midwifery Department, Imogen Tyler, of Lancaster University, Dawn Edge and Phd student Rosemary Dellar of the University of Manchester.

This event is sponsored by the Manchester Feminist Theory Networks seminar series; Putting Feminist Theory Into Practice. For further information visit here

If you wish to attend this seminar please email helen@birthrites.org.uk

All welcome and we look forward to seeing you there for an exciting discussion.