Episode eight - Student Nurses: Bedpans and Bandages

Tuesday 1 April 2014

This Friday (4 April) is the last chance to see the University of Salford’s brilliant nursing students on the prime time ITV1 programme Student Nurses: Bedpans and Bandages.

For the last eight weeks the programme has followed the busy lives of students from Salford, uncovering their motivation and inspiration as they juggle academic study with hands-on patient care.

The stars of the show are rocker Graham who plays the drums in his spare time, former carpet fitter Alistair who is interested in a surgical career, children’s nurses Helen and Joanne, squeamish Kelly who overcame her phobias, mental health nurse Kelsie, and third year students Abu and Danielle.

The programme’s prime time slot at 8.00pm has achieved an average of audience of three million, with one episode reaching a peak of almost five million.

Episodes five, six and seven can be viewed on the ITV website.

Student Nurses: Bedpans and Bandages, episode eight, 8,00pm, Friday 4 April.