Beaming: An Asymmetric Telepresence System

Wednesday 13 February 2013 1.00pm - Wednesday 13 February 2013 2.00pm
Venue: ThinkLab, 7th Floor, Maxwell Building, University of Salford
Event Type: Public Lectures
The ThinkLab
The ThinkLab

Beaming is the process of virtual teleporting to a destination. Based (loosely) on the idea from Star Trek, a visitor is transported to a destination so that they can interact with other people there. We achieve this using a combination of high-end virtual reality equipment, robotic platforms and scene reconstruction software.

In this talk, Professor Anthony Steed will place Beaming in the context of a history of advanced tele-collaboration systems. In the Beaming system we have abandoned a notion that is typical in tele-collaboration: that each party has access to similar equipment and software and thus has equitable access to the shared resources be it a collaborative virtual environment or a video space.

While we have made the technology very highly asymmetric, we still want to foster high-quality interaction. The paradigm we have chosen is to completely immerse the visitor in a high-end virtual reality. What they see is a real-time reconstruction of another place (the destination) including people within that space (the locals). In the destination, the locals can see the visitor in a few different modalities: as a robot, as a situated display or through augmented reality. The aim is that the locals should feel that the visitor is with them in the destination and that the visitor should feel as if he or she is in the destination with the locals.

Professor Steed will talk about early demonstrators of this concept and current technical and theoretical work. 

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Head of the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group in the Department of Computer Science at University College London, Professor Steed has worked extensively in virtual reality systems, 3D interaction, tele-collaboration, novel interfaces and networking for real-time graphics systems. He is UCL's academic lead on the London Media Technology Campus, a new collaboration between the UCL and BBC to be based in One Euston Square.

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This event is being held by the Framework for Innovation and Research at MediaCityUK which seeks to tackle challenges facing the digital creative media in the coming decades through promoting and facilitating transdisciplinary research and development, bridging the communication gap between academics and businesses to produce national and global impacts in the domains of theory, practice and policy.