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Pollution engineer publishes fourth book


Pollution engineer publishes fourth book

Wednesday 21 October 2015

PROLIFIC pollution researcher Miklas Scholz has had a 2nd edition of a textbook published by Elsevier.

Wetlands for Water Pollution Control brings Professor Scholz’s output to four books and 176 papers, many of them contributions to world-leading publications.


The revised book covers broad water and environmental engineering aspects relevant to the drainage and treatment of storm water and wastewater.

It is the second edition of his original textbook entitled Wetland Systems to Control Urban Runoff, which was published in 2006, and includes a more detailed and broader view of the subject area, attracting a wider audience of academics and practitioners.

More holistic

More detail has been added to some chapters to account for technological advances in treatment units and scientific progress in areas such as molecular microbiology. Furthermore, the subject area has been broadened to account for more multidisciplinary approaches such as the ecosystem services concept to solve engineering science challenges with a holistic angle.

Prof Scholz said: “The water purification capability of constructed wetlands is being valued as an attractive option in wastewater treatment.

“Reed beds provide a useful complement to traditional sewage treatment systems. They are often a cheap alternative to expensive wastewater treatment technologies such as trickling filters and activated sludge processes.”

Prof Scholtz is head of the Civil Engineering Research Group and Editor-in-Chief of 13 journals, including the Web of Science-listed journal Water and has membership experience on over 35 influential editorial boards.