University of Salford Manchester

Dubbing theatre

The dubbing theatre is a large format studio designed specifically for audio post-production work. With a dedicated vocal booth, it is capable of mixing up to 5.1 surround sound, record voice over, overdub dialogue (ADR) and connect via ISDN to any other ISDN capable studio in the world. Allowing you to record a voice over artist from anywhere around the globe.
  • 5.1 mid-field Genelec monitoring systems
  • 32channel AVID System 5MC console
  • Focusrite Pre amps
  • Pro Tools HD
  • A range of microphones (Neumann U87i, Sennheiser MKH 416 P48, AKG C451, Sony ECM77-E and more)
  • 65” plasma video monitor
  • DK audio monitor
  • ISDN encoder
  • Industry used plugins and software such as Nugen, iZotope, Waves, Neyrinck, EDI Prompt and others.
  • Capable of monitoring to R128 standards
The Dubbing Theatre is well equipped for any audio post-production work.

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Dubbing suite