Need help? Step by step guide

  • Step 1

    Finding the course of your dreams is easy. Follow this quick guide and you could soon be falling in love. First up. Enter your name.
  • Step 2

    Choose a subject area you really fancy. This will help us find a course, which you’ll love and that matches your interests. You can choose up to three subjects.
  • Step 3

    Add in your UCAS Tariff Points score. Not sure how many points you have. You can calculate them on the UCAS website at It’s really important to us, that you’re guided towards the course of your dreams, so, if you can’t find a match, please call us on 0300 555 5030.
  • Step 4

    Click ‘view results’ to see your matches.
  • Step 5

    We’ll show you some courses you might be keen on. When you see something that takes your fancy, just right swipe on your mobile, or click the ‘Heart’ button on desktop, to add that course to your match list. But if a course isn’t your cup of tea, just swipe left, or click the ‘X’ button on desktop, and move on to the next possible match.
  • Step 6

    Once you have a few matches you like, click on the ‘view matches’ button, and all your loved courses will appear. To see more detailed info on that course, click the ‘view course’ button.
  • Step 7

    If you’d like to save your matches for later, just enter your email and choose whether you’d like to receive more info from us in the future and click ‘submit’. We’ll send your choices straight to your inbox. From US with love. Good luck.
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