The Library Code

In order to make it clear to everyone what behaviour is acceptable in the Library we have consulted with our students and written a series of guidelines:

  • It is essential that you treat staff and other library users with respect at all times
  • If you are working in a collaborative or group study area, make sure that your conversations are not loud – other students need to be able to concentrate
  • If you are working on the quiet floor, please keep any conversation brief and whispered and maintain total silence in the silent rooms in the Extension
  • You are welcome to eat cold food and snacks at any time – no hot food should be brought into, or eaten in the library
  • Please clear your workspace when you leave and dispose of any rubbish
  • There is no smoking in the library and under the canopy at the front door. This includes e-cigarettes
  • Do not use your belongings to reserve a seat or PC – these are in high demand and other students need to use them
  • Children under 16 are welcome in the library but must be supervised by an adult
  • Please keep your mobile on silent and talk quietly if you have to use it
  • Always carry your student ID card and show it to staff on request