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With the current need for online learning resources, if you require any help or assistance then please get in touch with: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Library has moved to a new reading list system making it easier for you to manage your lists. Academics can easily bring together resources to help their students succeed. Key features include:

  • The Library uploading your list for you.
  • Sections which allow lists to be structured by week or theme.
  • Tools to create links to a wide variety of resources – print, electronic or audio-visual.
  • An intuitive way to request digitised chapters and articles.
  • Accurate usage data to check student engagement.
  • The ability to invite students to contribute to reading list development.

At Salford we make our students unstoppable - our new reading list system supports this.

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Need further help?

Please email with any questions you have about the new system.