Printing refund

To claim a refund you must:

  • Fill in all the fields in our online form, and then click on the Submit button on completion and it will be sent to us. Do not print this form.
  • Details of your print job can be found in the email confirmation sent to your University of Salford email account.
  • If the refund involves faulty output, submit the output to a member of staff at an Enquiry Desk which will assist your claim.
  • This form is for Printing Refunds only. If you require a Printing Transaction History please contact either a library Enquiry Desk or telephone 0161 295 2444.

To query the progress of your refund claim:

Email quoting your network login username and the date on which you applied for the refund.

Please note:

  1. The Library will not provide cash refunds for printing.
  2. The Library cannot refund any unused printing credit.
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The information given on this page constitutes a legitimate request for a refund of the Library's printer / photocopier credit and does not contain any information intended to mislead. I agree to abide by the Library's regulations for printer refunds.

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Enquiry Desk comments:

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