Printing content

All University printers print in both black and white and colour. They are accessible, fitted with adjustable control panels and a screen enlargement option.

1. University networked PC

  • Open the document you wish to print and click File then Print.
  • Select Student Follow You from the list of printer options. Then Print.
  • To retrieve your document from the printer, scan your card, select the Print option, choose the document that you want to print and press 'Print'. You will be able to collect the document from beneath the touchscreen.

2. Laptop

To print from a laptop visit the University of Salford web printing portal and enter your network username and password.

  • Click Choose File to select the file you want to print, click Open to confirm this and then click Next.
  • Select Colour or Black and White to open up further printing options.
  • When you have selected your required options click either the Salford Print Black and White or Salford Print Colour buttons to send the file to the printer.

You can use this method off campus, but you need to be on campus to collect it from one of the printers.

3. Mac

  • From the menu bar at top of the screen select 'File' and 'Print' (if the menu is not visible, hover your mouse at the top of the screen until it appears).
  • This opens the printing dialogue box, where you can:
    • select the number of copies,
    • change from the default 2 sided setting to single sided (click the drop down list under 'copies and pages', select 'layout' and 'long edge binding')
    • select colour or black and white from the drop down list under 'copies and pages'
  • Click 'Print' to send the job to the printers.
  • Click to accept the cost of the job.
  • Log into any printer on campus to retrieve your job.

4. Phone

To print from a mobile device you need to download the EveryonePrint app. Search your phone's app store for EveryonePrint.

1. Pay for printing

Library Services operate a pre-payment system for printing. You can obtain printer credit with:

  • E-payment
    You can add credit online to your printing account with a valid debit/credit card. When you are on campus select the 'Credit Printing Account' desktop icon, or go directly to Printer payments, and login with your University of Salford network account.
    The online system will request details of your debit/credit card and you can authorise a payment between the values 5p and £99. You are advised to check your balance before proceeding. The transaction should be processed in real-time; confirmation received and amount credited to your printer credit account.
  • Cash
    Red self-service print credit kiosks are located at all library sites.
    You need your ID Card to put cash credits on your print account. If your ID Card does not work you can type in your Printing PIN (Personal Identification Number) at the kiosk instead.
    The self-service kiosks do not give change and The Library cannot change money for you to use.
    You can check your print account balance at any time via a kiosk or the desktop icon.

Please note: Unused printing credit is not refundable.

2. Printing costs

The cost depends on the size of paper and type of print job. See the table below for details.

Printing Cost per sheet
Black & White A4 (single sided) 3p
Black & White A4 (double sided) 5p
Black & White A3 (single sided) 7p
Black & White A3 (double sided) 13p
Colour A4 (single sided) 18p
Colour A4 (double sided) 32p
Colour A3 (single sided) 25p
Colour A3 (double sided) 45p


1. Where can I print?

There are printers available on each floor in Clifford Whitworth in the printing hubs, three in Allerton Learning Space and two at MediaCityUK. Other printers are available outside library spaces in the Newton, Peel and Mary Seacole buildings. Further details are in the table below:

Allerton, Floor 2 - Learning Space
Allerton, Floor 4 - Mezzanine
Allerton, Floor 4 - Mezzanine
Chapman, Floor 1 - Outside 1.13
Clifford Whitworth Library, Ground floor - Print Hub
Clifford Whitworth Library, Ground floor - Print Hub
Clifford Whitworth Library, Floor 1 - Print Hub
Clifford Whitworth Library, Floor 1 - Print Hub
Clifford Whitworth Library, Floor 2
Clifford Whitworth Library, Floor 2
Mary Seacole, Floor 2 - Room 2.57
Maxwell, Floor 2 - Room 202
MediaCity, Floor 1 - The Library
MediaCity, Floor 3 - Near Room 3.12
Newton Floor 1 - Open Space
Peel Lower Ground Floor - Room LG15

This list comprises all dedicated student printers. There are other printers on campus that students may use.

1. Use your printing PIN to print without your ID card

You can still use the printers when you don't have your ID card. You'll need your printing PIN number to do so. Find this at:

Log in with your University username and password (i.e. what you use for the computers and Blackboard) and click the User Dashboard option. Your PIN will be in one of the boxes near the top of the screen.

1. Check your printing history

  • Log in at using your University username and password (i.e. what you use for the computers and Blackboard). We recommend you use either the Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browsers.
  • Click the User Dashboard option and then select Reports.
  • Select User Activity - last 30 days and then View selected report.

Please ask at a library enquiry desk if you require access to your printing history for more than the last 30 days.

2. Request a printing/photocopying refund

Requests for a printing or photocopying refund are available from a library enquiry desk during staffed hours or via our online form. This form is for printing/photocopying refunds only. You must complete all the required fields when applying for a refund. You will be notified by email to your University of Salford email account when the form is processed; this is normally within one working day between Monday and Friday.

If the refund request is due to the document printing incorrectly, please submit the output (i.e. what the printer has produced) to a member of staff at a library enquiry desk. This will assist your claim.

To query the progress of your refund claim, please email quoting your network login username and the date on which you applied for the refund.

Please note:

  • The Library will not provide cash refunds for printing.
  • The Library does not refund any unused printing credit.

1. Where is it?

The Ricoh Print Centre is in Room 100 of Maxwell Building - accessed via ‘the well’. From outside Maxwell Reception turn right under the bridge and walk down the ramp to the doors marked Reprographics. The Print Room is at the end of the corridor on the left.

2. Opening times

The Ricoh Print Centre is open all year round except for weekends, bank holidays and the Christmas closure.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am until 4pm.

The latest time they will accept a job to print/bind is 3:30pm, however, it may not be possible to complete large print jobs by 4pm on the same day.

3. Contact details

Phone: 0161 295 4626 / 0161 295 5058

4. What does the Ricoh Print Centre do?

Students may use the services of the Ricoh Print Centre.

Ricoh offer a variety of on-site document services including:

  • Black and white documents / booklets
  • Printing documents up to A0 size
  • Full colour documents / booklets
  • NCR (no carbon required) pads
  • Scanning
  • Graphic design
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • Binding and finishing services, including: plastic comb binding - wire binding - laminating - saddle stitching - stapling

Wide format

  • Plan drawings
  • Full colour high resolution

Photographic images

  • Available in A2 , A1 and A0 size

Display, promotional items and graphic design

  • Board mounting onto foam-board
  • Formex with matt / gloss laminates
  • Pop up banners
  • Wide format print on a variety of paper / vinyl / mesh using specialist latex

5. How quickly can I collect printing?

The standard turnaround time for the Ricoh Print Centre is two days. This may be extended during busy periods such as January and September.

The Ricoh Print Centre can usually be flexible according to your requirements and will try and meet your expectations whatever the deadline. Please contact the Ricoh Print Centre to see how they can assist.

1. Print a colour document

To print in colour, you will need to change the settings before you send the file to print:

  • 1. Choose File, then Print. Click on Printer Properties in the print preview and a new window will appear.

  • Change the drop down box in the bottom left-hand corner from Black and White to Colour. Click OK and continue printing as normal.

2. I'm a new student - why can't I log in to the printers?

Have you activated your printing account? If not, send a document to the Student Follow You print option from a University PC.

Printing the document is not necessary - simply sending it to print will activate your printing account on the system meaning you can use your student ID card to log into the printers. As a new student, you will have £2 free print credit.

3. Print single-sided

All our printers automatically print double-sided and need to be set to print single-sided:

  • 1. Choose File, then Print. Click Print on both sides in the print preview and a new window will appear.

  • Four options will appear, select Print One Sided then continue printing as normal.
  • The settings will revert to double-sided automatically, so you will need to repeat this process with every document you want to print single-sided.

    4. My document contains black and white and colour pages - will I be charged for colour for every page?

    When you select colour print you will be charged for colour printing for each page of your document regardless of whether or not every page uses colour. Avoid being charged for colour for any black and white pages in your document by sending them separately.


    Step 1: Identify your colour pages

    Click your cursor on a colour page and then check the bottom left-hand corner to find out the page number. In the example below you can see that the colour page is page 2 of 4. Make a note of which pages you need to print in colour.

    Step 2: Send your colour pages

    Click on 'File' and then 'Print' as you would do normally. In 'Settings' there is a text box called 'Pages:'. In the text box type in the numbers of the pages you want to print in colour. There is a specific format to the pages you type in:

    • They must be written as numbers (1) not text (one)
    • Each page number must be separated from the next with a comma and a space
    • If you want to print a series of pages, for example every page between page 4 and page 10, you can write this as '4-10'.

    In the example below you can see that we are going to print pages 1, 3-4. Click print. Only the pages you have entered will be printed.

    Step 3: Send your black and white pages

    Using the same method as step two, enter the number of the pages you wish to be printed in black and white. Click 'Printer Properties', which will load a new window. Click on the drop down box that says 'Colour/Black and White' and change this to 'Colour'. Click OK and then continue printing as normal.

    Step 4: Release your printing

    When both print orders have been sent, print as normal. You can sort the printed pages back into the order you planned.

    5. Do you have any advice on printing assignments?

    In order to cope with unexpected interruptions and delays in printing, we recommend that work is sent to a print-queue two days before the assignment's submission date.

    Some tips:

    • Before printing your document select the File and Print Preview options to check how it looks before printing.
    • Make sure that you have selected the correct colour option. Our printers automatically print in black and white, if you need to print in colour remember to change this before sending the print job.
    • When you highlight your job on the MFD, the number of pages to print will be displayed. Check that you have enough print credit to print the entire document, and top up if necessary.