Ricoh printing

Welcome to your University of Salford Print Service, in partnership with Ricoh.

  • Telephone us: 0161 295 4626/5058
  • Email us:
  • Our location: Print Service, Room 102, Maxwell Well

The University Client can place an order by:

Same day / next day service if we have the paper stocks available, standard turnaround is two days.

Low cost per copy, single rate for all volumes, less than 2p per side black & white, 13p for colour.

An indication of the available colours of 80g and 160g stocks for black & white and colour printing are shown below. Contact the print room if you would like to see a swatch.

  • Desert
  • Savana
  • Jungle
  • Lagoon
  • Tropic
  • Atoll
  • Lisbon
  • Dublin
  • Amsterdam
  • Chile
  • Canary
  • Hawaii
  • Iceland
  • Tundra

Pastel tints are held in stock (c.7,500 sheets), more than this and medium and deep tints must be ordered in (add 48 hours).

Jobs can be split between b&w and colour printers if mixed (to reduce costs) but may require longer to complete due to the time taken to collate.

Small format digital prints can be finished with the methods used in document finishing (see below).

Matt stocks held at Salford for same day turnaround, otherwise two days required to send to the production unit.

Black and white A0 prints on 80g paper at £1.25 (plus VAT) for a budget poster, this can also be used for engineering and CAD drawings. (Two day turnaround)

Large format prints can be encapsulated or printed directly to card, foamboard, foamex or di-bond board for extra rigidity and have a laminate finish applied, see 'Document Finishing' below.

Graphic colour prints can be printed on matt, satin (semi-gloss) or gloss papers as standard, although more specialist materials are available, see the paper types below. You can visit the printroom to see a sample of each of these materials.

Blue back satin poster paper

Satin finish wet strength paper which can be pasted like wallpaper directly to the surface. Blue backing can be used to cover and block out old graphics.

Internal and external applications.

Matte/gloss self adhesive vinyl (100micron)

Mounting onto substrates such as foamex, dibond and display board.

Internal and semi-external applications.

Easy-tack self adhesive vinyl (170micron)

Easy to apply and remove without any residue. Can be re-applied again and again. Will stick to nearly anything, including emulsioned walls, wood, metal and glass.

Internal and semi-external applications.

PVC SoFlat

Ideal for roller banners and internal hanging banners. Does not curl. Great light blocking characteristics. Can be double sided if required.

Internal application only.

White gloss static window cling

Windows graphics. Leaves no residue when removed.

Internal application only.

Artists canvas

A quick drying, water resistant true canvas for art reproduction and portrait work. Can be used for hanging banners and stretched canvas framed prints.

Internal application only.

PVC banner

A low cost PVC banner, mainly for outdoor hanging banners finished with hemming tape and chrome eyelets.

Internal and external applications.


Lightbox/backlit graphics.

Internal applications only.

We also have a flat bed printer that is capable of printing onto anything less than 45mm thick, doors, glass, ceiling tiles for example.

A4 & A3 scans produced as PDF, TIFF or JPG files, 300dpi resolution as standard for black and white or colour scans.

Paper sheets or boards up to 40" (1,016mm) wide and 10mm thick can be processed through our wide format scanners.

Files can be saved to CD/DVD, USB drive, external hard drive as required.

Free up space by minimising the need for filing cabinet storage.

Make your papers widely accessible to anyone with computer access.

Find relevant papers faster by letting the computer search for you.

For bulk jobs please contact the printroom for an individual quote.

Please see below for the wide range of finishing options available.


Our print machines will staple online up to 100 sheets, more sheets can be stapled manually, staples can be inserted in a variety of positions depending on the layout of the document in one or two positions, combine with a fold to make a booklet (up to 12 sheets).


'Fold in half' and 'tri-folds (Z or C)' are the most common but we can fold a piece of paper in many ways, look at the campus maps for example.

Wire binding

Bind up to 290 sheets, choose from black, white or silver as standard, long or short edge binding, can be incorporated with PVC covers. Handbooks containing the University logo on the cover must be bound with white wire.

Comb binding

Bind up to 500 sheets, choose from a variety of colour combs, long or short edge binding, can be incorporated with PVC covers.

Black Tape

Also known as fastback or heat binding, black, white, red and blue tape are held in stock, this wraps around the edge glued to the front and back covers and the spine. A bound document can be two or four hole drilled for inserting into ring binders. Can bind up to 400 sheets.

Perfect Binding

Produces documents similar to a paperback book, covers can be matt/gloss laminated for extra protection and superior finish. Requires a wraparound cover - a single sheet incorporating the front and back covers, and the spine. Minimum 20 sheets, maximum width 60mm.


Sheets are glued along a single edge and are easily removed by pulling them away. Combine with black tape and perforations to produce a receipt book with tear off receipts leaving a stub. Each 'pad' includes a strawboard backing for rigidity. Uses include NCR sets, 'While you were out' pads and CATS' deskpads for example.


Sheets in a fanapart NCR set (duplicate/triplicate/etc) are glued together without being glued to the next set.


Commonly confused with laminating, most people should actually ask for encapsulating. The printed sheet is enclosed in plastic which has glue on the inner sides to fasten to the plastic. Commonly enapsulated in 250 micron pouches but weights of 150, 200, 350 and 500 micron are available. Pouches are available in A5, A4 and A3 sizes, rolls can encapsulate up to 4' wide and even longer lengths. A gloss finish is applied as standard but is very reflective under bright lights. Matt encapsulate is preferable (but not necessary) for presentation posters but incurs additional costs. Can be fixed with velcro or eyeletted for pins/tacks.


Commonly confused with encapsulating, most people should actually ask for encapsulating. The printed sheet has plastic applied to ONE side of the printed sheet after it is mounted to a card, board or other substrate for rigidity, see 'Mounting' below. Unmounted laminated sheets will roll up as the plastic is applied under pressure. Matt and gloss laminates can be used as a budget drywipe surface, crystal laminate is an anti-scuff surface.


Provides rigidity and strength for presentation graphics when stuck to display, foam, foamex or dibond boards. Matt or gloss laminates can be applied to give extra finish. A strut can be applied to the more lightweight materials for free standing images/signs.


Paper is drilled to achieve 'hole-punched' sheets for insertion into ring binders. 2- or 4-hole configurations are available as standard. A hole can be drilled in the top left for example, to treasury tag documents too thick to be stapled. 6mm or 9mm drills are available.

Bag wrap/Shrink wrap

Documents are sealed in a cellophane bag - Bag wrap. Can be put through a heat process to shrink the bag to the contents - Shrink wrap. Contents will remain dirt and moisture free. Useful for handing out to students to insert the pack into a ring binder for example.


Presentation folders can be supplied with 2- or 4-hole configurations. Folders have a pocket on the front and spine to take a printed insert for ease of identification. Various capacities are available as standard - 15mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 65mm. The printroom can supply, print and make up the folders to make your life easier. Printed polypropylene folders (frosted plastic) folders can also be sourced and manufactured. We can create and print tabbed dividers for extra personalisation.


A generic letterhead is now used and can be ordered from the Printroom at a cost of £8.25 + VAT a ream

Templates are available on the Visual Identity section of the University website for adding your personal information block.

Business cards

Business cards can be ordered through the online iWay system. Please read the user guide for iWay and the University produced business card help sheet.

Compliment Slips

These are no longer part of the University's office stationery offerings.

We can print your materials whether personalised letters, flyers, brochures, envelopes, then collate and insert them into envelopes for delivery back to you to take advantage of the University's reduced postage rates or supply to Royal Mail ourselves.

The University printroom production unit has automated systems for printing and replicating CDs and DVDs.

If you have difficulty obtaining print style products due to the University's framework agreement, we will be able to purchase and supply these to you as we are a contracted partner of the University. For example we have sourced ink stamps, floor mats, plastic I.D. cards with mag strip and conference wallets.

The onsite Print Room will be open to cover the core University hours and will always strive to meet your demands for urgent production.

  • The on campus printroom will produce any urgent same day work as long as they have the resources and capability.
  • Standard service for work sent to the off-site production unit is two days.
  • For outsourced work the delivery times may be longer than this and you should check on the turnaround time for any non standard requests.
  • Standard turnaround for each artwork request is 3 days (errors made by our artwork department are subject to an 8 hour turnaround).