Free lockers are available at Clifford Whitworth library and Allerton Learning Space. There are lockers specifically for postgraduate research students in the PGR room at Clifford Whitworth library.

Loan a locker

Clifford Whitworth: You can loan these lockers for seven days. Ask at the enquiry desk for a key. Students with support plans can issue a locker for one month.

Allerton Learning Space: Use your ID card and follow the instructions displayed.

Media City campus: These lockers are not provided by the library and require a £1 deposit. Visit the main reception desk to use them.

Lost locker keys

If you lose your locker key, a £15 charge will be added to your library account to cover the costs of replacing both the lock and the key.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have lost your locker key. This will allow us to fix it as soon as possible to enable other students to use the locker facilities.

Return locker keys

If you loaned a locker from Clifford Whitworth you should return the key to a member of staff at the Enquiry Desk. If a member of staff is not present, please us the locker key return box on the wall next to the locker.

Library locker storage policy

The lockers within the library are intended for securely storing your personal items.

Library staff may carry out an inspection of the lockers at any point, under the terms of the locker policy. Any library books stored in lockers which are not on your library account or are reference books will be removed and returned to the shelves, as other students may want to use them.

The locker policy is displayed next to the lockers at Allerton Learning Space and inside each locker at Clifford Whitworth.