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Your University ID card also functions as your library card - use it to access your library account, both on and off campus.

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You can access your library borrower account via Library Search, both on and off campus.

You can also check your library account when using the Self Service machines in our libraries.

Yes. Click on Sign in at the top, right of  Library Search and enter your Network username and password. Click on the Log in button.

Click on My Account at the top, right of  Library Search  screen.

Don't forget to Log out when you have finished looking at your library account.

  • Check when your loans are due for return
  • Renew your loans
  • Place requests
  • See if your requests are ready to collect
  • Check if you have any outstanding fines or charges.
  • Pay any outstanding fines and charges.

If you have lost your University ID card let us know immediately so that we can put an alert on your library account, to prevent unauthorised use of your account.

For information on getting a replacement ID card visit Student Administration.

You can borrow a variety of items from any of our three libraries; books, CD-Roms, CDs, DVDs and videos.

The Self Service machines are available for you to issue items to your account. They are easy to use with clear on-screen instructions. Simply scan your ID card, and then scan the barcode of each item that you wish to borrow.

Remember to collect a receipt or press the Cancel button on the touch screen to complete the transaction. If you leave your account logged in on the self-service machines it is possible that others could use your account to borrow library items and these items will then be your responsibility.

Undergraduates Final year undergraduates Postgraduates External borrowers
25 items 35 items 35 items 4 items

All items are loaned for one week at a time and are subject to automatic renewals up to a maximum of 52 weeks. Students with extended loan status have a loan period of 2 weeks between renewals.

This scheme was introduced as a pilot for the 2014/2015 academic year. It allows full-time undergraduate students from participating institutions to borrow material from other participating Northern Collaboration libraries.

The participating institutions are:

  • Cumbria University
  • Edge Hill University
  • Huddersfield University
  • Liverpool Hope University
  • Salford University
  • Teesside University

All you need to do is apply for SCONUL Access, complete the steps and choose Reference access.

You will receive an email confirming your SCONUL application and also a second email detailing where you will be able to borrow from (at present just the above six Universities are involved but we are hoping that this will increase).

Just take your SCONUL confirmation email, Salford ID Card and Northern Collaboration email to any of the above Universities and they will set you up with an account which will allow you borrowing rights.

Each Library will have different borrowing levels so please check with staff how many items you can borrow.

For all other universities full-time undergraduate students will only be able to gain reference access to material and will not be able to borrow.

SCONUL Access is a scheme which allows many university library users to borrow or use books and journals from participating university libraries in close proximity to where you live or work. Further information is available from the SCONUL Access web site.

  • Part-time, distance learning and placement students may borrow material from other college or university libraries
  • Full-time postgraduates may borrow material from other college or university libraries
  • Postgraduate research students registered for a PhD, MPhil or similar qualification may borrow material from other college or university libraries
  • Full-time University of Salford undergraduate students may use resources of other college and university libraries for reference only

To qualify for SCONUL Access, you must be registered as a library user in good standing (including no debts on your Library record). You will also need a University of Salford student ID card.

To register for SCONUL Access:

  • From the SCONUL Access web pages, specify which type of user you are and your home institution (University of Salford).
  • Identify the institution you wish to use (tip: select ‘see results as a list’ to view all 162 participating universities and colleges).
  • Complete the online application form.

You will need to complete an application for each institution you wish to use.

Once you have filled in the on-line application form, and your application is approved, the University of Salford library will send you an confirmation email, which introducing you to your chosen host library/ libraries. This is only valid for a short period to ensure users are still eligible. If you don’t use the introductory email within this period, you will need to apply again.

You need to take a copy of the introductory e-mail with you when you visit your chosen library, along with your University of Salford ID card. This will allow other libraries to identify you as a bona fide member of the scheme.

Tip: You should check the website of the library you want to visit for their opening hours and other specific conditions. For example, your first visit may need to be during office hours or you may need to supply a passport sized photograph.

The host library should issue you with a library card, which will allow you to use facilities until your SCONUL Access membership expires. The membership can be valid for up to three years or until your course or contract ends if earlier.

At MediaCityUK

Use the Self Service machines to return items. Just follow their on-screen instructions.

  • Select the Return items option on screen - you do not use your ID card to return items.
  • Place the item into the opening at the front of the machine.
  • Place each item into the appropriate yellow or black slot, as indicated on the screen.
  • Collect a receipt to complete the transaction.

At Clifford Whitworth

Use the dedicated return units found on the ground floor.

  • Return each item into the slot at the front of the machine
  • You can choose to have a receipt printed

The majority of items can be returned to any library by using the Self Service machines, which are available at all sites.

There are some items, however, that must be returned to the site of issue, and these include:

If you are late returning an item you will incur charges only if the item is requested by another user. See Charges for more information.

If you have lost a library item that was issued to your library account you should inform us as soon a possible.
See Fines & charges for more information.

All items are loaned for one week at a time and are subject to automatic renewals up to a maximum of 52 weeks. Students with extended loan status have a loan period of 2 weeks between renewals.

Read FAQs about the automatic renewals service.

You can request one week and normal loan items using Library Search, to be delivered to the Library site of your choosing.

To place a request:

  • Sign in to Library Search using the 'Sign in' link at the top of the screen. You will need your Network username and password.
  • Search and display the item.
  • Click on the Get it tab.
  • Click on request.
  • Enter pickup* details and click on Request button.
  • Click on Place request, and the Requests screen will be displayed.
  • Click on Confirm.
  • If your request is successful, you will see the message: 'Successfully placed request' followed by details of the request.

*You cannot request a pickup location for an item that is equal to the item home site if items are currently available for loan.

You will be sent an email when your request is ready for collection. It will be placed on the Request shelf for you for seven days.

Your item is held on the open access Request shelves according to your network username. The item will have a request slip wrapped around it with your network username printed on the spine. Once you have located your item(s) they can be issued on a Self Service machine.

You will find Request shelves near the Support Desk at each library.

If Library Search indicates that a copy of the item you want is available for loan but you cannot find it on the shelf then you will need to visit the library support desk and ask staff to set up a manual request.

Library staff will carry out a shelf check before placing a request on the system for you. The next available copy of the item will placed on the Request shelf and you will be notified by email that it will be held for you for seven days.

Select the My account option via Library Search. Click on the Requests link to display information about the progress of your requests. If you have any queries contact the Support Desk.

If you have an item on loan and another person would like to use it, they can place a request on it. Once an item is requested, you will not be able to renew it and you will have to return it by the due date. If you do not return the item you will incur fines against it. Please see the Fines and charges tab for more information.

Check the following before contacting the Student Support Desk:

  • Have you entered your borrower number correctly?
    It's the number below the barcode on your University ID card.
  • Are copies available on the shelves?
    You will not be able to request an item if the pickup location is the same as the items location and it is currently available on the shelves.
  • Do you have outstanding fines or charges on your account? You can check this via My account.

The University library will not charge fines on overdue items if the item is not requested by another user. Requested items will accrue fines as normal.

By regularly viewing your library account you can check for return due dates. It is important to keep up with due dates in case of the following:

  • a loaned item is requested - you will not be able to renew this item and should return it as soon as possible. Requested items will accrue fines.
  • a loaned item is invoiced - you will no longer be able to renew this item and it will need to be returned to the library. Invoiced items will also block your account and prevent the borrowing of new material.

If you haven't finished with an item then there are a number of ways to renew it. Please see the renewing tab for more details.

As a courtesy service, reminders are sent to your University email account at regular intervals but it is your responsibility to ensure that items are returned or renewed on time.

You can access your online Library account at any time to check when items are due for return, and if you have incurred any fines or charges.

You will only be charged when items are requested. Fines are charged at a rate of:

  • 50p per day for one week loan items
  • If an item is very overdue a Student Debtors Statement charging you the replacement cost of the items will be raised by the University - this will prevent registration of the next year of your course and may prevent the award of your degree.

Failure to return or renew your items will result in increasing fines. You will not be able to borrow any items until all fines and invoices have been cleared.

If you have lost an item you will be charged for a replacement.

Please note that the replacement cost charge is a minimum of £15 per item.

Once an item has been paid for your account can be cleared and fines relating to the items will be waived.

You can pay your fine in the library at the self service kiosks either in cash or by credit or debit card. The self service machines do give change if you do not have the right money.

You can now also pay fines online via the my account feature in Library Search. Access your account, go to the fines and fees section and follow the on screen instructions.

Yes and no, but mainly yes. We no longer charge fines on books that go overdue. The only exception to this is where a book has been requested by another borrower – in that case we will continue to charge fines as an incentive to get the book back.

The purpose of library fines is to ensure that library stock is available to those that require it. However if no-one else requires a book it’s not clear why failing to click a renew button on our website is a punishable offence. Therefore it seems reasonable only to charge fines on those books that have been requested by another borrower.

You will get regular reminders asking you to renew the book. If you don’t renew the book within five weeks we will contact you with an invoice asking you to pay to replace the book. If the book is returned / renewed promptly at this point the invoice will be cancelled.

You will be contacted by email and asked to return the book by its due date. If you fail to return the book by its due date fines will be charged. Fine rates can be found here.

By clicking on the request button on the item screen in Library search. More information on this can be found here.