Borrow a laptop

We have laptops that students can loan for up to 24 hours. You can take the laptops anywhere you like, but please note that you need to login when within range of the University wi-fi.

Where they are

The laptops are kept in laptop lockers at the following locations:

LocationNumber of laptops
Clifford Whitworth Library120
Allerton Learning Space60
Chapman Pop-up Library36
Maxwell room 20036
MediaCity Library36


Touch ‘Borrow’ on the central screen of the laptop locker. Scan your Library card on the 'black window with the wireless icon' found below the central screen.

Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and the locker number and details of the borrowing period will appear on screen. The locker containing the laptop will light up. Scan your card on the 'black window with the wireless icon' on the column where the locker is flashing.

Open the flashing locker, unplug the laptop from the charging cable and take out the laptop. There should also be a portable charger in the laptop locker safe for you to borrow.

Please inform the Enquiry Desk if the locker doesn't contain a laptop or charger.

Please note: You are responsible for the laptop while it is loaned to you. It must not be left unattended or loaned to anyone else. A fee will be charged for stolen, lost or damaged laptops. If you are aware that the laptop is damaged, please take it to the Library Enquiry Desk as soon as you notice the fault.


To return a laptop, please choose 'Return' on the central screen of the laptop locker. Scan your card on the 'black window with the wireless icon' underneath this screen.

The locker where the laptop needs to be returned will flash. Open the door and return the laptop. Remember to attach the charging lead to the laptop – if not, the laptop will stay on your Library borrowing record.

Return the portable charger and close the locker door. You can get a receipt by pressing the icon on the central screen.

Please note: If you accidentally return the laptop without attaching the charger simply press the ‘Return’ option on the central screen, and scan your ID card again. The locker will open and you can attach the charger.

Late return and non return

Return the laptop within the loan period. Failure to do so will result in the following actions:

Second late return: A warning

Third late return: A week’s ban from borrowing laptops

Fourth late return: A four-week ban from borrowing laptops

Fees will be charged for stolen, lost and damaged laptops.

Item Fee
Loss of power cable £20
Laptop requires repair £50
Laptop is returned in an irreparable condition (as specified by third party supplier) £850

My library card won’t scan on the laptop locker

If your library card does not work when scanned, it may have been set up incorrectly. You will need to take it to the main reception in Maxwell or Allerton building and ask to have it re-badged to give you access.

Courtesy Email

A courtesy email is automatically generated and sent to you whenever you borrow a library laptop. It states the the locker details (e.g. "Locker Number AB 01: Library Laptop"), and the date and time the laptop needs to be returned to its locker. You will get an email even if you only had the laptop on loan for a short time and returned it within 24 hours.