Document delivery

Document delivery is a free service for current staff and students to request books and journal articles not held in Library stock, but which individuals may require to enhance their research or course of study. Please check Library Search first to see whether we already hold a copy.


The request allowance for specific user groups is detailed in the table below.

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User group Request allowance per academic year
Staff Unlimited requests
Postgraduate – Research Unlimited requests
Postgraduate – Taught 15 requests per academic year
Undergraduate – Final year 15 requests in final year
Undergraduate 5 requests per academic year

You must complete and submit a Request form for each item you wish to order. The Document Delivery user guide can help you make the most of the service.

Please note

  • The service is free for standard items that we can source from The British Library (BL) or other institutions within the United Kingdom.
  • For material that is expensive to acquire and services such as BL’s World Wide Search that is expensive to use, you may be asked to contribute to the cost of obtaining the item. If this is the case you will be contacted and asked if you wish to continue with the request.
  • You may be able to find alternative material within our existing stock which has the information you need so it is always advisable to check our other resources first. Library Search is available online 24 hours a day.


Read FAQs about the Document Delivery service