The digitisation service is for tutors

Ask for something to be digitised

Use Library Search to check that the item is not already available electronically. If you cannot find the item make a digitisation request in one of two ways:

Request a digitised item for a reading list

When the item is part of a reading list for a module you can request digitisation via the Reading List system. The digitised items will become available on the Reading List, which can also be accessed through the Blackboard module.

Request a digitised item that isn't for a reading list

Complete an online form to provide access to material for students on a module away from their formal reading list.

What is digitisation?

Digitisation is a process that allows us to produce copyright-cleared electronic versions of key book chapters and journal articles. Most book chapters or journal articles can be requested and digitised. However, we must comply with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and so all requested items must meet the following regulations:

  • Only one journal article from a single journal part or issue
  • Only one book chapter or 10% of the whole item - whichever is greater
  • The material, or a copyright fee paid copy of the material must be owned by the University

More information can be found on the Information Governance web pages.

We cannot digitise material that is already available electronically from the library.