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Skill Up - your road map to library learning essentials.

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Library Basics

Get the most out of The Library by learning the Library Basics. It will help you make the transition to University study by introducing information literacy, digital skills, the virtual learning environment, course work submission and more...

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Exploring and Evaluating Resources

Books, e-books, databases, journals, Library Search, Google Scholar, Archives… The Library gives me access to so many great resources, but where do I start?

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Resource Discovery in Your Subject

Meet your Academic Support Librarian and browse the great subject related resources they have selected to help you with your studies.

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Managing Information

As you research your topics you will gather lots of information and resources. This section will help you to manage them.

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Using and Referencing Resources

Play it safe by making sure you understand the do's and don'ts of using resources and information in your work.

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Digital Skills for Presenting Your Work

You’ve done good research, produced a great piece of work…make sure you present well!

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Social Dimension of Information

Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Flickr, Slide share, Storify, Pinterest etc. The What, Why, How and When of Social Media.

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