The Library keeps 'offprints', which are digitized or print copies of articles and book chapters on module reading lists, which are not otherwise held in stock.

Find digitized offprints

These are items which have been digitized (made into an electronic copy) and added to the appropriate Blackboard module. View your Blackboard module for material relevant to your course.

Why do you still have print copies?

These are items that cannot be digitized due to copyright complications. These print offprints are available for reference use within the library and can be found by searching Library Search.

There are print offprints kept in our store facility which are available upon request.

Copyright restrictions on offprints

Copies of the CLA Licence are on display at each photocopier in each library, and users are required to abide by these regulations. Most material in the Offprints collection has been supplied as copyright fee paid. This allows The Library to include it in the collection. Users may only make a single copy of an item for their own use under the guidelines of the CLA Licence.

For further information read the user guide Copyright - the effects upon you.