The University of Salford holds a Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence which means The Library can create or obtain digitised copies of copyrighted items so that you can make them available to your students electronically. Full details of the licence can be found on the CLA website.

What can be digitised?

  • One book chapter or one journal article (or 10 per cent, whichever is greater) of any item that the Library holds in print only, in support of any one course module.
  • Material originating in the UK, US and a small number of other countries. Not all material published in the UK and US can be digitised.

How do I make a request for an item to be digitised?

Staff managing lists can place digitisation requests via the reading list system.

  1. Click on the relevant item in your reading list to view full details
  2. Scroll down to the Requests heading and click 'digitization request'
  3. A short pop-up form will appear. Make sure you specify the chapter / page range needed
  4. Click 'submit'.

The Library will then check the copyright status of the request and where possible obtain the material through the CLA’s Digital Content Store. Links to digitised content will be added to the reading list.