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Reading lists are comprised of the books that academics think will aid success on their courses. First you should sign into and create your profile.

Then add the Bookmark tool to your preferred web browser - this will enable you to quickly add items to your reading list.

If any of your lists do not appear in My Lists or if you need a new list to be created please email

It is essential that you engage with the Reading lists system as it is linked to the Library purchasing process. When you make changes to a list we review it, look at the student numbers on the module and purchase the necessary number of copies – if a book isn’t on the list, it’s not in the library!

To update your list follow these steps:

  1. Create a profile.
  2. Install the bookmark tool in your preferred web browser.
  3. Add items to the list – remember to set the importance level to core for all your core items so that we purchase the right number of copies.
  4. Notify the library about any items you want to be digitised by using the notes section in the Create & add to list form.
  5. Publish the list so the students can see the changes you have made.

Full details of how to do all this and add a book, journal article or request a digitised item are provided in our Reading Lists guide [pdf].

Your reading lists are available:

  • Via the link in your Blackboard module – this will take you directly to the list for the module you are studying.
  • By searching - you can view all lists for all modules.

Reading lists at Salford allows you to:

  • Directly access electronic items from your reading list.
  • See real time library availability of print books.
  • Access online previews of many popular textbooks from Google Books.
  • Create a profile to save notes and set your reading intentions.

We have created this video to help you get started with the system – if you have any queries please contact your Academic Support Librarian (external link).

How to create your profile

Reading list guide - create your profile