Blackboard mobile learn

The University has purchased Blackboard Mobile Learn - an app that provides access your Blackboard modules and enables you to:

  • read module announcements
  • review lecture materials
  • participate in discussion board topics, blogs and wikis
  • find out grades for assignments you have submitted
  • stay logged in to Blackboard

Download the app

  • Visit the app store for your device and search for Blackboard Mobile Learn
  • Enter Salford to find your school and then select University of Salford
  • Login using your University network username and password
  • When logged in, you will see the main navigation menu which lists the modules you are enrolled on

Watch device demos

Can I access...?

All readable, some formatting issues around images and footers may occur with Word docs. PowerPoint slides don’t show transitions, animations or narrations. With MS Office documents, while all devices will allow you to read the files (Android devices will even download to the device), if you want to save or amend them you will need to bear in mind the optional purchase of an Office app suite for your device.

The same applies if your device does not, by default, support a particular file format – it may be possible to add this by purchasing an appropriate app.

These play fine. Apple devices show as an attachment which can be opened from within the app, and Android devices play through the built-in media player app.

With podcasts, it’s advisable to use a dedicated tool such as that built into iTunes to download and manage podcast episodes on your Apple device for later playback. On Android devices while they can be played via the browser, if you navigate away/back, it sometimes continues to play. It is advisable to press pause/stop on the onscreen control, unless you have previously downloaded and transferred to your device, in which case it will play through your media player app as normal.