We aim to make our services as accessible as possible, and we also provide specific services for students with disabilities and dyslexia.

    There is a car park next to the building with designated accessible parking spaces.
  • The main entrance is approximately 15 metres from the car park.
  • The main entrances have automatic doors and there is a lift just inside the Frederick Road entrance to the building. This stops at the 1st floor, and the Learning Space entrance is on this floor.
  • During weekdays until 5pm there is also access to a lift directly off the car park which goes to all floors. Access to this lift must be arranged with the Enquiry Desk.
  • A speaking lift within the library goes to all library floors.
  • There are no toilets within the Allerton Learning Space. An accessible toilet is available to the left of the entrance.
  • There is a car park under the Delaney (Peel Park Residences) with designated accessible parking spaces.
  • There are also designated accessible parking spaces for disabled users outside University House, a few hundred metres away.
  • Due to the refurbishment of the library ground floor visitors must now access the building from the side entrance, (next to Lady Hale building). These entrance doors will be closed between 7pm and 8am after which they become ID swipe access only. Please call 0161 295 5295 if you require assistance.
  • An accessible toilet is situated on the first floor off the main landing and in the 2nd floor extension.
  • Access is via the lift to the 1st floor.
  • The number 50 bus and Metro have level access.
  • There is no University ownded car parking. Parking is available at The Lowry car park which has lifts.

If you are using other HE libraries under the SCONUL Access service, check with the named contact at each institution.

For access to public and special libraries in Manchester, see the Local libraries User Guide.

All libraries include computing facilities. In addition, there are various PC suites on campus.

  • PC suites are available in Maxwell Building in rooms 200, 201 and 202. Lift from right of entrance.
  • Your school may also have a PC suite - please ask your Academic Support Librarian for information about access arrangements.

Training rooms are available in libraries, and there are a number of PC training rooms on campus too.

  • PC suites within library sites - access information as for libraries
  • Allerton Building, Room c811
    The car park lift goes to the eighth floor. Use this lift directly from the car park or from the first floor after using the main entrance and lift.
  • Allerton Learning Space
    Room ALS203 in the 2nd floor extension and room ALS402 in the 4th floor PC suite.

Some of the services available can only be arranged via the Disability and Learner Support team, who will provide you with a Reasonable Adjustment Plan. A copy of the Reasonable Adjustment Plan is sent to The Library, and we will ensure that any recommendations are put in place as soon as possible. If you have any queries about your Reasonable Adjustment Plan, please contact a Disability Advisor.

Access through the accessible gates at Clifford Whitworth Library can be arranged automatically via your Reasonable Adjustment Plan. There are no access control gates within the library at Media City or Allerton Learning Space.

The Library can arrange for books to be collected from the shelves on request. We request 24 hours notice to retrieve items. Items may be retrieved at shorter notice if staff are available to assist. The items are retrieved for you, and can be collected at any library Enquiry Desk by yourself or a nominated person.

To request retrieval of items in stock or add a nominated person to your library account, please contact the Library Enquiry Desk via telephone 0161 295 5535, or email

You are entitled to this service if recommended as part of your Reasonable Adjustment Plan via the Disability and Learner Support team.

The Disability and Learner Support team will inform us if your Reasonable Adjustment Plan recommends extended loan periods and we will automatically amend your borrowing rights. Items against which a reservation queue exists can be retained for two weeks instead of the usual one week.

If you have not had an assessment but feel that you need extended loans because of your disability please contact the Disability and Learner Support team.

Height-adjustable desks are available in many PC suites and training rooms.

Building Room number Number of desks
Maxwell 200 1 - power assisted
 201 1 - power assisted
  202 1 - power assisted
NewtonB.04b 2 - power assisted
PeelLG15 1 - power assisted
Clifford Whitworth206 (PC area)

2 power assisted
Chapman BuildingPod on 1st floor

1 - manual

Accessible photocopiers / printers are currently available on all 3 floors of Clifford Whitworth Library, on Levels 2 and 4 of the Allerton (Frederick Road) Learning Space and in the Media City Library on the 1st floor.

All photocopiers have an enlargement facility. If you require assistance using any equipment please speak to a Library Rover, or a member of Enquiry Desk staff.

Roving staff are available Monday – Friday from 9-5pm to assist with queries on the library floors, including assistance with finding library books and using computing equipment.

The Enquiry Desk staff can assist with any library related query. Library opening hours and Enquiry Desk hours vary across our sites so check the website for the latest information: Library and Enquiry Desk opening hours.

For study-related enquiries Academic Support Librarians are the link person for your subject area. They provide information literacy training sessions as part of taught programmes to help you use the resources we provide. You may also contact them directly if you need help in finding information for assignments or research.

For those who use a text phone, ITS Service Desk is registered with Typetalk. Staff are available to help with queries during core hours, and a voicemail service can be used when staff are not available.

Printed guides can be made available in other formats or on coloured paper - please ask at an Enquiry Desk. You can also find our User Guides online.

Some of our Bookable Study rooms have assistive technologies. The rooms can be booked at the Enquiry Desk in the library, or by telephoning 0161 295 5535. See the table below to find out more.

  • Allerton Library, level 4 - the room has Inspiration, Jaws and Zoomtext software, two PCs (one with a large screen), a scanner, audio speakers and an adjustable desk. A new CCTV magnifier will be installed at Allerton shortly.
  • Clifford Whitworth Library, 2nd floor, room 13 - the room has one height adjustable desk and one PC with Inspiration, Jaws and Zoomtext software installed.
Building Inspiration available on PCs
Clifford Whitworth 1st floor (Blue 'C' zone) C1, C2, C3, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, C11, C16, C17, C18 (Pavillion 'D' zone) D1, D2
LRC2 x in PC Suite
Mary Seacole MS257 06, MS257 11, MS257 12, MS257 13, MS257 14, MS257 15
Maxwell Building (2nd floor) Room 200 PC34, PC38 , Room201 PC48, PC52 , Room202 PC6, PC7
Peel Building LG15 B09, LG16 F07, LG16 F08

Magnilink CCTV machines are available on 2nd Floor (Extension) Allerton Learning Space.

CCTV is used to enlarge text or 3D materials on-screen. Printed materials, images or 3D materials are enlarged and reflected onto a monitor. The resulting image can be displayed in contrast and / or enlarged as per user requirements. Instructions how to use the equipment are located next to the equipment.

You can set up a roaming profile so that your choice of settings will always be available when you log on at any University networked PC. Logging on will take slightly longer than normal if you choose this option.

Roaming profiles are available as recommendations through Student Support Plans. If you do not have roaming profile but would benefit from this service, please contact ITS Service Desk.

Inspiration is 'mind mapping' software that can display information and ideas visually using webs, maps, and diagrams. Inspiration can also reformat the visual information into an index or list in Word, enabling you to see your ideas as an outline of a report or an essay.

Inspiration is available on dedicated PCs.

Jaws is screen reading software available on dedicated PCs. Headphones are available from the Enquiry Desk if required.

My Study Bar (MSB) is a collection of software applications designed to provide study skills support for students in their academic work. You should automatically have access to the MSB icon on your PC desktop in open access areas of the Library.

My Study Bar consists of 6 areas: Planning, Reading, Writing, Vision, Voice, and Help.

For help with basic use of My Study Bar, have a look at the My Study Bar Guide and video below.

Introduction to My Study Bar

These may be useful when you are using a Microsoft Office application and they are available on all Library PCs. Go to Start - All Programs - Accessories, then select Magnifier, Narrator or On-Screen Keyboard.

This may be useful when you are using a Microsoft Office application and it is available on all library PCs. Go to StartAll ProgramsAccessories and select On-Screen Keyboard.

Many of the online resources provided by The Library are in the Adobe PDF format. When you open a PDF document, you can ask Acrobat Reader to speak the text content into your PC headphones. Headphones are available from the Enquiry Desk if required.
Find out more about Adobe's Read PDF content.

Zoomtext is a software package that can both magnify and read out text. It is available at Clifford Whitworth and Allerton libraries on dedicated PCs. Headphones are available from the Enquiry Desks if required.

There are Multi-functional devices at Clifford Whitworth and Media City Libraries also within the Allerton learning space. All of these devices can be used to print, scan and photocopy in full colour.

Library users may access their email, files and some online information sources on their own PCs. Please view our User guides and the links below: