Further Reading

Selected Newspaper and Journal Articles

A number of articles about the Hall and grounds were published in the gardening press:

  • Appleby, T. ‘The New Flower Garden at Worsley Hall’, The Cottage Gardener and Country Gentleman, 29 March 1859, p. 400. Includes a plan of one of the terraces and an accompanying list and key of the plants.
  • Appleby, T. ‘Worsley Hall’, The Journal of Horticulture, 4 March 1861, pp. 454-455.
  • Baines, T. ‘Worsley Hall: Seat of the Earl of Ellesmere’, The Gardener's Chronicle, 17 July 1875, pp. 70-71.
  • Curtis, C. H. ‘Worsley New Hall, the Seat of the Earl of Ellesmere’, The Gardener’s Magazine, 24 August 1895, pp. 531-538.
  • Douglas, J. ‘Worsley Hall’, The Journal of Horticulture, 7 September 1876, pp. 214-216.
  • Oldham, C. ‘Famous Gardens: Worsley Hall’, The Journal of Horticulture, 30 April 1914, pp. 401-404.
  • See also the special supplement ‘Worsley Hall, Manchester, the seat of the Earl of Ellesmere’, Country Life 20 July 1901, pp. 80-85.

The Hall also featured in the architectural press:

  • ‘Worsley Hall, Near Manchester’, The Builder, 8 June 1850. Includes a plan of the ground floor.
  • ‘Ornamental Iron Gates and Piers’, The Builder, 10 December 1853. Inlcudes an image of the gates installed at the entrance to the New Hall.

The Royal Visits were widely covered in local and national newspapers. Of especial interest are:

  • ‘Presentation of the Worsley Address to Her Majesty’, Illustrated London News, 25 October 1851, pp. 517-518. Provides an account of the presentation and includes an illustration of the scene outside the New Hall.
  • ‘Queen Victoria’s Visit to Lancashire’, Supplement to the Illustrated London News, 18 October 1851, pp. 473-486. Contains a detailed account of the Queen’s visit to Worsley, including illustrations of her arrival by barge from Patricroft Station and the Landing Stage.
  • ‘The Royal Visit’, Eccles Advertiser, 9 September 1909. An account of King Edward and Queen Alexandra's visit for the Worsley Review.

Books and Pamphlets

Primary sources with information on the New Hall and grounds include:

  • Brookes, C. A. The Gardens of England, London: T. McLean, 1857. Contains a description and colour illustration of the gardens.
  • East Lancashire Branch British Red Cross Society, An Illustrated Account of the Work of the Branch During the First Year of the War, Manchester: Sherratt and Hughes, 1916 pp. 52-56.
  • A Guide to Worsley: Historical and Topographical, Eccles: Advertiser Office, 1870.
  • Handbook for Lancashire, New edition, revised with map. London: John Murray, 1880.
  • Hindshaw, William. Eccles and Worsley: Historical and Descriptive including Explorations in the Subterranean Canal. Salford: Steam Printing Co., 1875. Contains a detailed description of the New Hall and especially the gardens.
  • Personal Reminiscences of the Duke of Wellington by Francis, the first Earl of Ellesmere, edited with a Memoir of Lord Ellesmere by his Daughter, Alice, Countess of Stafford. London: John Murray, 1903. Includes an account of the Duke’s visit to Worsley with Queen Victoria in 1851.

For Worsley, the Egerton family and Bridgewater Estates see:

  • Aldred, John. The Duke of Bridgewater - His Canal. Manchester: Bridgewater Canal Company, 2011.
  • Falk, Bernard. The Bridgewater Millions, London: Hutchinson, 1942.
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Further information about the architect Edward Blore can be found in:

  • Colvin, Howard. A Biographical Dictionary of British Architects, 1600-1840. 3rd edition, pp. 115-118. London: Yale University Press, 1995.
  • Girouard, Mark. The Victorian County House. Revised and enlarged edition. London: Yale University Press, 1979.
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The following contain information on the designs of the landscape designer William Andrews Nesfield:

  • Evans, Shirley. Nesfield’s Monster Work: The Gardens of Witley Court Peter Huxtable Designs, 1994.
  • Ridgeway, Christopher ed., William Andrews Nesfield: Victorian Landscape Architect York: University of York Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, 1994.
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Further detailed studies of Nesfield can be found in:

  • Evans, Shirley. ‘William Andrews Nesfield (1794-1881): Artist and Landscape Gardener’, PhD Thesis University College, Falmouth, 2007.
  • James-Fowler, Nina Gibbs. ‘Landscape into Architecture: William Andrews Nesfield and William Eden Nesfield’, PhD Thesis Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, 1997.

The annotated bibliography Worsley New Hall: A Guide to Sources was published by the University of Salford in December 2012 and is available for download.