The Centre for Applied Archaeology (CfAA) at the University of Salford has been commissioned by Peel Investments (North) Ltd, to carry out an archaeological survey of the Worsley New Hall site.

This has been divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1, a desk-based assessment and individual archaeological building surveys of all the structures still standing on the site was carried out in 2011. You can read their findings in the following reports:

Phase 2, was an archaeological evaluation which took place in October 2011 to find out how much of the Hall was preserved below ground level. It revealed that rooms and chambers in the basement of the Hall remained almost fully intact. View a plan of the excavated site. [pdf]

Phase 3, was a community-based excavation of the New Hall remains. In May and June 2012, local schools and community groups were invited to come and take part in the excavation of the site.

Hear more about how the excavation was carried out and people's experiences:

The Worsley New Hall Open Weekend which took place on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June was an opportunity for the public to view the excavated site.

Access was free, and tours of the site ran every 30 minutes. There was also an exhibition of archives and artefacts in the New Hall Garden Centre Tea Room.


Basement staircase
Storage room
Lift shaft