Geospatial Data Service (JISC / Airbus)

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Network username and password required on and off campus.
Click on Account, then Login
Select University of Salford (network login) from the list of institutions

Please note that this service is in beta, and there are known issues with the login and functionality of this service.


This service is on trial from July 2018 until October 2018.
The Geospatial Data Service provides access to geospatial data products, using web map technology via a relevant web map service technology with an easily navigable user interface.
Users will be able to download both raster and vector data in a variety of file formats and be presented with relevant license conditions.
The map data available via the Geospatial Data Service will match that available in Digimap.

We would like feedback from you before October 2018 - does the Geospatial Data Service meet your requirements? Does it do more or less than the existing Digimap service?
Please let us know at


Geography and Environment