We listen

The Library is committed to the development of a high quality library service that meets our customers' need. We will continue to work in close partnership with Colleges and Support Divisions to ensure that our resources and facilities support learning, teaching and research effectively.
To provide excellent customer service in our libraries and e-Library, we will:

  • Ensure that our staff are welcoming, professional and helpful
  • Offer help and advice through our support services and specialist subject support
  • Provide a choice of study environments
  • Ensure that our online resources are easily accessible
  • Provide accurate and readable information about our services
  • Listen to your opinions and respond to any feedback
  • Treat you fairly and with respect

On a quarterly basis we review how well we are meeting these commitments, and publish our latest figures on our Library web pages, offering you the opportunity to give us feedback on our performance.

The Library is committed to the development of a high quality service which will support your teaching, learning and research activities. You told us through your feedback about the services which matter to you. Our commitment to you is that we will monitor our performance in these areas and let you know how we are meeting our standards. The table shown below summarises the figures for August – October 2014.

  Target Adelphi Clifford Whitworth Notes
We will get our new Journals on to the shelves within 24 hours of receiving them 90% 91% 90%  
We will get our new books on to the shelves within 7 days of receiving them 90% 89% 85% The high number of new books bought over the summer required large scale moves of existing stock to create space – this delayed some new stock in its journey to our shelves.
We will get books back on shelves within 24 hours of return 90% 87.5% 91% Staffing levels at Adelphi have been increased so that staff are available all day to shelve and tidy stock.
Acquisition of Reading List material 90% 93% 93%  
Deposits made live in USIR within 1 week of being submitted 90% 98% 98%  
  Target Adelphi Allerton Clifford Whitworth Notes
Enquiry desk first line fix 85% 87% 87% 87%
Enquiry desk customer satisfaction 85% very good or good 98% 98% 96%
Students who undertake the Library's information literacy program indicate a high/very high degree of satisfaction 90% SEE 95% CASS 98% HSC 94%
Actual opening hours match advertised opening hours 100% 100% 100% 100%