Library Standards

Services: We provide you with a range of services designed to make your life easier, including reading lists and Library Search designed to help you find the resources you need. Access our self-service facilities to check out resources and laptops and check your library account online.

Space: We provide libraries, learning spaces and PC suites around the University to enable you to study in the environment you want when you want.

Stock: We provide you with access to physical and electronic books, journals and learning materials to support your course of study or research.

Support: Our teams work with you to help you achieve your potential and get the most out of the stock, service and spaces we provide. From referencing your essay to tracking down obscure articles, on and off campus we’re here to help you.

Standard               Update – Quarter 1 August – October 2018
Printing, photocopying and scanning services will be available during Library opening hours. Smiling face                  Our printing and photocopying services were available 99.6% of Library opening hours.
We will endeavour to have Library systems available 99% of the time, excluding scheduled down-time. Neutral face g We dipped below the 99% Service Level Agreement and came in at 98.8%. This was caused by two outages of the self-service room bookings system. There is an ongoing issue with the system which causes it to fail. This matter has been raised with our IT department and they are now monitoring the service more closely.
At least 95% of laptops will be in service at all times. Smiling face 96.5% of laptops were available at all times. The laptops were borrowed 8,955 times.
Self-service facilities (for issue and return of books) will be available 100% of the library's opening hours. Smiling face g The self-service kiosks continued to be available, without interruption, 100% of the library's opening hours.
We will respond to customer feedback cards relating to Library-managed services within ten working days. neutral face w We received 21 feedback cards in this Quarter and responded within our advertised timeframe.
We actively seek comments from our customers on the quality of our service. Smiling face During our Halloween-themed insights event you gave us 172 pieces of feedback which is being fed into our service development. Thank you.
Standard               Update – Quarter 1 August – October 2018
We meet advertised opening service hours unless there is planned maintenance or training. Planned closure will be advertised with at least seven days notice. Smiling face                  We were open for all advertised hours this quarter.
We will carry out daily checks of all the library spaces to ensure that they provide a pleasant, comfortable and safe learning environment to work and study in. Smiling face g Every day, without fail, one of our team carried out a series of checks on the library environment to ensure your comfort and convenience.
Standard   Update – Quarter 1 August – October 2018
100% of returned items will be back on our shelves within 24 hours. Smiling face                  All the items you returned were back on our shelves within 24 hours.
90% of new items will be available to students within three working days of receipt from supplier. Smiling face All new items were made available for use within three working days of arrival.
Requested items will be available for collection within 24 hours of being returned to The Library. Smiling face All requested items were available for collection within 24 hours of return.
Standard   Update – Quarter 1 August – October 2018
Information Support Assistants will achieve 100% satisfaction when helping students. neutral face w                  97% of our customers told us they were satisfied with their enquiry, rating us as good or excellent. We will use the feedback we’ve received to continue making improvements for the remaining 3%.
Information Support Assistants will resolve at least 90% of enquiries received. Neutral face g We resolved 88% of your enquiries at first point of contact. Out of the rest, 4% were referred to colleagues in other departments, while the others were referred to library colleagues.
Students who undertake the Library's information literacy program indicate a high/very high degree of satisfaction - target 90%. Smiling face 96.4% of students agreed they were very satisfied with the Library's information literacy program.
You should not have to wait for any longer than five minutes at our enquiry points. Smiling face We met our target wait time at our enquiry points.
You should not have to wait any longer than one minute for a web chat. neutral face w We replied to 96.3% of online chats within one minute.