Library Standards 2015/16

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May to July

Standard   Update
Printing, photocopying and scanning services will be available during Library opening hours. Neutral face g We are continuing to work with our supplier to achieve this target.
We will endeavour to have 99% of the time Library systems available, excluding scheduled down time. Smiling face g Library systems were available 99.8% of the time.
The percentage of laptops unavailable because they are being repaired will be 5% or less. Smiling face 3% of laptops were unavailable due to repair across Clifford Whitworth and Adelphi Libraries,and Allerton Learning Space. Clifford Whitworth laptops are in the process of being replaced with a more reliable model.
Self service facilities will be available 99% of staffed hours in which library is staffed by library staff Smiling face g Self service was maintained for 100% of our staffed opening hours.
We will communicate our services in a clear accessible way through a variety of channels. Smiling face We have actively promoted the Library Development Project through a range of channels including a blog and via the library website. Work has been undertaken to promote Library spaces, and promotional materials including book bags have been produced.
We will respond to customer feedback cards within ten working days. sad face g 84% of your comments cards were responded to within ten working days. We'll review our processes to enable us to achieve this target in future.
We actively seek comments from our customers on the quality of our service. Smiling face We're launching a new web service for 2016/2017 which will make it easier for you to see how we've responded to your feedback.
Standard   Update
We meet advertised opening service hours unless there is planned maintenance or training. Planned closure will be advertised at least 7 days before. Smiling face Library Spaces were open as advertised this quarter.
We will carry out daily checks of all the library spaces to ensure that they provide a pleasant, comfortable and safe learning environment to work and study in. Smiling face g Daily checks of spaces have taken place throughout this quarter.
Standard   Update
90% of returned books will be back on our shelves within 24 hours. Smiling face 100% of books were back on the shelves within 24 hours.
"You want it, we’ll get it", Library Champion and Reading List requests will be ordered within two working days. Neutral face g In all, 93% were ordered within 2 working days, due to an increase in requests. The target was met for student requests but not for Reading List orders - books will still be in stock for the start of the new academic year.
90% of new books will be available to students within three working days of receipt from supplier. Smiling face All new books were made available to students within 3 working days.
Reservation item will be available for collection within 24 hours of being returned to The Library. Smiling face g All reserved items were available for collection within 24 hours of return.
We will order 95% of document delivery requests within one working day of submission. Smiling face g 96% of document delivery requests were ordered within 1 working day, exceeding the target.
Standard   Update
Information Support Assistants will achieve 90% customer satisfaction when dealing with customer enquiries. Neutral face g Our quarterly survey received no responsess so we are looking into using a rolling survey instead of one per quarter.
Information Support Assistants will resolve 90% of enquiries received, referring the other 10% to the appropriate colleagues. Smiling face g Information Support Assistants resolved 93% of the 23,098 enquiries received this quarter. The remaining were referred to colleagues within and outside of the Library as appropriate.
Students who undertake the Library's information literacy program indicate a high/very high degree of satisfaction target 90%. Smiling face You told us that you were very satisfied with our information literacy support, as our sessions achieved a 95% satisfaction rate.
You should not have to queue for any longer than five minutes at the main Enquiry Desk. Neutral face g Our quarterly survey received no responses so we are looking into using a rolling survey instead of one per quarter.
You should not have to wait any longer than one minute for a web chat. Neutral face g The average wait for a webchat was 32.6 seconds and more than three quarters of all chats were answered in under a minute.
Text-a-rover service will be available between 9.00am and midnight (term-time and Easter vacation); 9.00am and 5.00pm (summer vacation). Smiling face g The text a rover service have been available throughout the summer vacation.