Partnerships Office


Through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, academics can develop business relevant teaching and research experiences, apply knowledge and expertise to important organisational problems and identify new research themes and undergraduate and postgraduate projects.

The benefits of KTP to academics

  • Apply knowledge and expertise to important problems facing organisations
  • Develop relevant teaching and research experiences
  • Identify new research themes and undergraduate and postgraduate projects
  • Publish high quality journal and conference papers
  • Gain an improved understanding of organisational requirements and operations
  • Contribute to the Research Excellence Framework exercise (REF)
  • Lead rewarding and ongoing collaboration with innovative organisations
  • Assist strategic change
  • Supervise and act as mentors for postgraduates working on company-board projects

“KTPs are an important part of our ICZ strategy, enabling us to work with industry to create economic growth,  put our research into practice and to gain first-hand experience of the needs of industry which helps to distinguish our programmes.    The School of Computing, Science and Engineering has worked on a number of KTP projects in recent years, leading to benefits such live projects for masters students,  placements, publications, IPR,  access to real world data sets and REF impact case studies that have been highly rated".

Professor Sunil Vadera, Dean of School of Computing, Science and Engineering

"The KTP with Brook has allowed us to work with an organisation to deliver significant service improvement and engage in publicly oriented knowledge exchange activity. As a result we have generated significant research contributions and have secured further funding in related areas."

Dr Paula Ormandy, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work and KTP with Brook Advisory Manchester

What next?

If you already have contact with a local company please contact Janet Morana in the Partnerships Office. She will be able to advise you if the company is eligible for funding through KTP.

If you and the company wish to proceed with a KTP Programme Proposal the Partnerships Office will assist you in putting together your application and will organise a meeting with one of the Regional KTP Advisers.