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Postgraduate Research / PhD

LEAP PhD is for postgraduate researchers (PGRs / PhD students) and is designed to help with thesis writing and academic speaking to present and defend the research.

Philosophical Stance (1)

Understanding the meaning of philosophical stance and methodological choices for defence of the PhD, pronouncing key terms, expressing reliability and validity, giving and receiving peer feedback, asking and answering questions.

  • Week 1 Ontological Foundations (w/c 16th April)
  • Week 2 Epistemological Foundations (w/c 23rd April)
  • Week 3 Axiological Foundations (w/c 30th April)
  • Week 4 Methodological Choices (w/c 7th May)
  • Week 5 Multi versus Mixed Methods (w/c 14th May)
  • Week 6 Defending the Position (w/c 21st May)

Tuesday 1pm – 3pm
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Philosophical Stance (2)

Designed to develop confidence in expressing personal philosophical stance in the justification of methodological choices made. PGRs / PhD students must have completed Philosophical Stance 1 in order to register for this module.

  • Week 1 Recap of Philosophical Stance continua (w/c 16th April)
  • Week 2 Pluralistic Paradigms (w/c 23rd April)
  • Week 3 Competing Discourses (w/c 30th April)
  • Week 4 Metanarratives (w/c 7th May)
  • Week 5 Methodological Eclecticism (w/c 14th May)
  • Week 6 Defending the Position (w/c 21st May)

Wednesdays 11am – 1pm
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Defending the Thesis

Defending the thesis effectively is vital in the IA, IE and Viva Voce. This module will commence by outlining how to present and condense your work into a presentation and then provide the opportunity to present to a critical audience, with a question and answer session.

  • Week 1 Features of Effective Presentations (w/c 16th April)
  • Week 2 Condensing the Thesis (w/c 23rd April)
  • Week 3 PGR Presentations and Q&A (w/c 30th April)
  • Week 4 PGR Presentations and Q&A (w/c 7th May)
  • Week 5 PGR Presentations and Q&A (w/c 14th May)
  • Week 6 PGR Presentations and Q&A (w/c 21st May)

Thursdays 1pm – 3pm
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