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Joining checklist

Joining Checklist

If you're an international student who has applied to the University of Salford and received an offer, you may be wondering what you need to do next. Follow our 12-step joining checklist for full details. If you have applied to study the International Foundation Year or pre-sessional English programmes, you will receive separate instructions from your School.

STEP 1: Respond to your offer

If you have applied for undergraduate study, you must let UCAS know that the University of Salford is your first choice. If you have applied for postgraduate study, you must let the University know that you want to accept your offer, you can do this by returning the reply slip attached to your offer letter or emailing

STEP 2: Meet the conditions of your offer

If your offer is conditional upon academic results or proof of English language, get these to us as soon as you can. Email them to (for undergraduate students) or (for postgraduate students) stating your full name and date of birth and your student ID number @00XXXXXX. (Your student ID number can be found at the top of your offer letter from Salford.)

STEP 3: Pay study deposit

To help you secure the Visa that you'll need to study at Salford, all international students must pay a study deposit. The payment of a study deposit to an institution shows the seriousness of your intent to study there. The amount of deposit and how you need to pay will be detailed in your offer letter. If you are a sponsored student you will not have to pay a study deposit as long as the University has been supplied with proof of sponsorship from your sponsor.

STEP 4: Receive Certificate of Acceptance for Study (CAS)

Once you have met all of the conditions of your offer (including the deposit payment) and provided the information we required from you, a CAS Reference is generated by the UKBA. This will be emailed to you directly with details of what has been confirmed during this process.

STEP 5: Apply for your Visa

Full information about Immigration and Visas...

STEP 6: Apply for accommodation

Salford Student Village offers the ideal balance between independent living and being part of a student community. Moving away from home for the first time can be both exciting and a little daunting, which is why we make every effort to help you settle in quickly.

With three great properties to choose from, Salford Student Village has the room to suit your budget and preferences.

Find out more about accommodation...

STEP 7: Book your travel

We offer a welcome service and free transfer to the University campus for international students arriving by air at Manchester International Airport. If you want to book an Airport Welcome, visit

STEP 8: Receive your Get Ready Guide

Your Welcome guide to joining the University will be sent by post or email from the end of July through to September. If you have not received your copy by the time you are due to travel please go to the AskUS website.

STEP 9: Arrange your tuition fees

You can pay your fees upfront or in instalments. You must pay 50% or the total course fee at or before registration with the balance paid by the start of the second semester. If you pay your course fees in full when, or before, you register with us, you will automatically receive a 3% discount on your net tuition fee.

Information on Money Matters for International students...

More information about Scholarships and Bursaries for International students... 

STEP 10: Register and Check-in

All new students have to attend a short check-in session, during which we check your documents and formally record your arrival at the University. International students should also register at check-in. Full details of where and how to check-in will be available on our Welcome website.

STEP 11: International student welcome

To help you settle in to your student life at Salford, we offer a special welcome service for international students to help answer your questions and make new friends.

STEP 12: School inductions and teaching starts

Before classes begin, you'll have a series of events and presentations where you'll meet your tutors and other students on your course. You'll also get information about the library, IT services and much more. Most of these events will take place during the middle of September. Further details will be available prior to you joining at

Good luck with your studies!