University of Salford Manchester

IPFE Scholarship

IPFEThe University of Salford is pleased to work with IPFE to offer funding opportunities for Peruvian students to study in the UK.

IPFE Scholarships are available in the following subject areas:


MSc Digital Marketing
MA International Journalism for Digital Media
MA Creative Writing: Innovation and Experiment
MSc Audio Acoustics
MSc Audio Production
MA Media Production: Animation
MA Media Production: Children’s TV Production
MA Media Production: Post-Production for  TV
MA Media Production: TV Documentary Production
MA Media Production: TV Drama Production
MA Wildlife Documentary Production


MSc Biomedical Science
MSc Biotechnology
MSc Molecular Parasitology and Vector Biology
MSc Public Health


MSc Advanced Control Systems
MSc Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence and Forensics
MSc Data Telecommunications Network
MSc Data Science
MSc Databases and Web-based Systems
MSc Robotics and Automation
MSc Transport Engineering and Planning
MSc Gas Engineering and Management
MSc Petroleum  and Gas Engineering
MSc Construction Management
MSc Project Management in Construction
MSc Real Estate and Property Management
MSc Environmental Assessment and Management
MSc Environmental Modelling
MSc Environmental and Public Health


MSc Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MSc Digital Marketing
MSc International Events Management
MSc Accounting and Finance
MSc Financial Services Management
MSc Global Management
MSc Human Resource Management and Development
MSc International Banking and Finance
MSc International Business
MSc International Corporate Finance
MSc International Business with Law
MSc Management

Applications are open to students who meet the IPFE requirements. Full details are available on the IPFE website

Successful scholars will be exempt from any further scholarship discounts (for example the Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship)

Applicants must first apply for the programme of study at The University of Salford via our official Educational Consultant STM Education– see for contact details.

Once you have received an offer letter to the chosen programme of study, you are eligible to apply to IPFE via

Last date to apply to both IPFE & University of Salford: 30th June 2017

Scholarship applicants are reviewed in July by the University of Salford and the IPFE Committee and the final decisions are communicated by email.

Good luck with your scholarship application!

University of Salford International Team